Why Hire an Interior Designer?

Interior Designing is the art and science of enhancing the interiors of a house or a commercial space in order to achieve a healthier and more aesthetically pleasing environment for the people. Interior design is all about how we experience spaces. It is an imperative part of our everyday lives since it actually affects how we work, think, live and even heal.

Many a times when we need to renovate our homes or just simple redo a room or create a new project, we have myriad ideas of what it should look like and what all we want in it but we are not sure as to how to implement it. At times we are unable to visualize certain color schemes and textures and at that point what we need is to just bridge this gap. We need someone to turn these visions into reality and that’s when the role of an interior designer becomes relevant and pivotal! Contrary to what it might seem to a few, hiring a designer can effectively reduce time and cost to a large extent.

How often have we stayed in hotels or resorts or visited a friend’s house or a new city and we want certain elements and ideas of those places incorporated into our homes! How often does that happen with us? How very much do all of us want to constantly improve our homes!

What does an Interior Designer Do?

An interior designer is someone who works with a client to create a functional and aesthetic space. He/ she acquires a keen understanding of the needs and requirements of the client in a particular room. No matter what the size, an interior designer works to create areas that are safe, beautiful and practical.

Some of the points that they take into account are space, lines, form, balance, light, color, texture and patterns. Many a times clients want to maintain a very similar theme in every room be it a kitchen, living or bedroom. Sometimes they want a different look in every room but yet would want it to resonate with each other. These objectives are well understood by an interior designer.

Furniture layout is one way which can totally transform a room. A good interior designer is one who can understand space planning well. Clients also need assistance at times in matching textures together. How do you place a leather and fabric sofa together in the same room? How do you break a certain monotony brought in by beige walls and beige upholstery? There are so many questions clients might have and all they need is a bit of assistance.
In monetary terms an interior designer helps in avoiding wrong decision making in spheres like design concepts and material thereby saving costs largely.

Few tips that clients can follow:

#1 : Do have a good idea of your budget

When you are clear of the amount you wish to keep aside for your home interiors, it becomes easy for the designer to create designs which would include styles and materials within that budget. That way the designer and client work together in a well aligned manner.

#2: Know what you want.

It will be a good idea to think and jot down all the things you will need in each room. That will help the designer more aware of your way of life and daily functioning. Be sure of all styles you want and any particular theme you have a liking for. It would be useful to collect images of all that you have running in your head. A pictorial depiction of all the ideas in your mind would help the designer to translate your ideas into reality. As much as you have hired a designer for just that purpose, do remember that this process can get streamlined and clear-cut with pictures and images.

#3: Have a frank discussion

Be sure to convey to your designer color schemes and design concepts that are definitely not agreeable with you! While brainstorming ideas it’s as much imperative to collect images of what you don’t like. That way both the client and designer are confident about understanding each other and since preferences are being understood well, the client can expect to love the finished product.

These above guidelines can really make interior designing a stress-free and pleasing experience. Finally we want to be satisfied and happy with the way our home has turned out to be since ‘Home is where the heart is’.

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Marksdzyn.com Editorial Team