What you display on your walls can elevate your room’s décor, or make the entire room feel off. Here are a few tips from our interior designers on making sure you pick the right wall art design for your walls.

1. Size of the Wall

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How big the wall is will be the first factor you have to consider before choosing what wall art to display. A bigger wall will mean that you can either display one large piece of art, or a collection of pieces They can even be in different sizes. A small wall may be more restrictive. One medium sized piece or a row of 3 will suit smaller walls better.

2. Aesthetic of that Room

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Look at what furnishings are in the room You’ll want to follow the same theme for your wall art, otherwise the room will feel cluttered. Pick a design element in the room and find something that matches that. Pull the entire room together.. And if the wall has any furniture resting against it, make sure what you hang above it goes with the furniture. Be creative in your wall art ideas when planning something for the wall.

3. Type of Art

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Don’t limit yourself to wall art paintings. You can choose from metal paintings, 3D metal art, canvas prints and more. And don’t forget that an oversized clocks look amazing as wall art. And if nothing else works, mirrors are the way to. Mirrors aren’t just for your reflection. They come in intricate and unique designs, so they serve as pieces of beauty. Another beauty is that the art you choose doesn’t have to be store bought. It could be something personal to you, a sketch you made, a memory you want to frame or your favorite picture from your favorite vacation!

4. Mix and Match

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Why not display a mix of pieces on your wall? Mix up photo frames, prints, paintings and other items like unique ceramic bowls or plaques.  Make it colourful or monochromatic. Be creative! That entire wall will become the statement piece of your room. Your gallery walls are supposed to speak of you, who you are and how you think. Make your walls your canvases and put in all of hat you are!

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Written by – Ms. Malvika Bhardwaj from Marksdzyn.com (Editorial Team)