Wardrobe Designs For Your Bedroom

Giving a makeover to your room? Do not forget your wardrobe as it changes the entire look of the space! A wardrobe color which does not compliment the color palette of the room would make a beautiful design disastrous. Therefore, it becomes very important to have a wardrobe design that flows tremendously with the rest of the room! Check out the latest and the most trending ideas for your wardrobe right now!

1. Wooden Wardrobes


Wooden Wardrobe Picture with seating in front

Wood is the foremost material that comes to one’s mind while designing a wardrobe. Generally, even if you are going for any finish, wood is the primary material that is used.
If you do not want to go for a basic wooden wardrobe then you can give it an aesthetic appeal with the use of textured wood like in the first picture or you can even have copper inlay work to give that class. Wooden wardrobes can even be further accessorized with the help of beautiful handle detailing!

You can also take some inspiration from the wooden walk-in wardrobe done designed and provided by in DLF Park Place Gurgaon

Icy Blue Wardrobe in a Bedroom. One Shutter is open showing drawers inside

In case you have a neutral toned bedroom, then you can even give it a pop of color with the help of painted wooden wardrobes. We love the trending icy blue color in the picture above with the gold beading details. Beading is the most trending feature at the moment and if you want it incorporated in your house then you can even refer to our article on Wall Design & Trends.

Veneer Finished Wardrobe with wooden flooring and white false ceiling

If you are on an economical budget and do not wish to spend a fortune on hardwood, then do not worry! We have another solution for you! Go for wooden substitutes like veneer and laminate. Veneer provides a perfect hardwood finish as you can lay it evenly on a plywood shutter. Laminate on the other hand provides a very sleek and sophisticated look and ties up the room magnificently.

2. Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirror on Wardrobes

Want to give your room a more spacious look? Have mirrored wardrobes! Having a wardrobe adorned with mirrors saves you the space of having a dressing unit hence giving you more circulation space. Mirrors also make the room look larger like we mentioned in one of recent articles on Living Room Makeover Ideas in Gurgaon.

Wardrobes with Mirror on it

In case you do not want to have your entire wardrobe unit made up with mirror, you can even have a synthesis of mirror along with laminate or lacquered glass as it provides an unparalleled finesse to the whole room!

Mirror on Wardrobe with Wooden Framing

 Rather than going for full mirror, you can play smart like ace interior designer, Richa Bahl who gave Alia Bhatt’s walk in wardrobe a unique character by having patterns of mirror on white washed wooden wardrobes!

3. Lacquered Glass Wardrobes


Wardrobes with Lacquered Glass on Shutter

Wardrobes made of lacquered glass have been on the uprise since the last few years. The sort of sleekness and elegance that lacquer provides is very hard to find. It is much easier to maintain in comparison to wooden wardrobes as they are easy to clean. However, according to us, the best quality about this material is that you can find it in various colors to match up the design concept incorporated in your bedroom!

In case you are looking for some design element or a fusion of various elements then you can take reference from this elegant wardrobe design which has neutral tones of wood and lacquer together which binds together gloriously.

4. Frosted Glass Wardrobes


Frosted Glass as Wardrobe Shutter with Shelves showing clothes hung inside

One of the easiest elements in terms of convenience is frosted glass. It does not reveal the contents of a wardrobe but at the same time it is enough for you to differentiate between various items within. It is the perfect choice for a walk in wardrobe like in the picture above. You can even have Scandinavian sliding shutters as they are classy and unique.


Give your room a distinctive character by incorporating frosted glass with your favorite pattern on them!

 5. Leather Finished Wardrobes


Wardrobes with shutters finished with Leather Upholstery

Move away from your designer leather bags and shoes and have it on your wardrobe! We have been loving this latest trend of leather finished wardrobes because it is the right element to oomph up an otherwise dull bedroom.

You can have it in the normal open shutter format or can even get it designed for a sliding shutter wardrobe!

 6. Louvered Wardrobes


Louvered Shutters on the Wardrobe

Louvered designs are something that goes way back but still has not lost its simplicity and elegance. Very easy to consolidate, it gives the room an airy and easy going look.

7. Metal Inlay Works 


Metal Inlay in the Shutter of the Wardrobes

Inlayed metal work is extremely trending at the moment be it on your wall or your table! Now, indulge in an inlayed wardrobe as well! It gives the ultimate richness and regality to a room and can be grooved on any sort of wood or its substitute as well!

8. Wallpaper on Wardrobe

Wallpaper Pasted on the Wardrobe Shutter

Wallpaper on your ceiling? You thought that was something different you had heard? Wait till you hear about wallpaper on your wardrobe! Not only is it economical on your pocket but you can play with a varied patterned selection here.

Wallpaper motifs on Wardrobe Shutter

You can have plain, neutral walls and experiment more with quirky, colored wardrobes here!

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Semantika Chowdhary and Garima Sharma from Marksdzyn.com Editorial Team