Yellow, red, black, white…choose the colour you want and create an unexpectedly impressive combo for your home. Hire a professional interior designer in Delhi (Hint) to help you with these creative colour combinations.

Quite frankly, anything + white works. Most people feel safe with the pastels. However, the art of color design is to creatively choose those unexpected colour combos and enliven your space. The challenge or rather the fun is to imagine those unexpected color combos and get them right. So, whether it’s your living room, or the study, kids rooms or the most talked about “modular kitchen”; delve into the design world and pick up colors from different ends of the spectrum to make your space seriously chic.

Black and Yellow  

Remember how we loved the black and yellow taxis? Sure, we could never imagine the colour closer home. But we did. Black and yellow is a tricky story though. They work best with monochromes. Avoid this for your modular kitchen in Delhi, simply because of the heat. Play it smart by adding black dining with exciting colours on the chairs and a subtle shade of yellow with crispy whites to balance the story.

Copper Red and Black & White  

Add glam to your home with this contemporary design. Copper red perfects the combination of black-and-white stripes. You can experiment with a slightly retro look and add copper red in accessories.

Most importantly, incorporate colour in accessories, thrown in some chromatic furniture and use these combinations with the right colour pick.

Purple & Olive  

Think hills with shades of mauve or purple. And then throw some olive in there. And you have a perfect combo for the living area. Purple is a neutral hue and all shades of olive energise it.

Red and Yellow  

Before your interior designer refuses to use this one, take a look at the picture.
Both red and yellow can range from garish to neutral shades. But throw them together in bits and pieces and you get your interiors right.Don’t paint the walls with these color blocks. Try and use them for bigger spaces like ceilings, floors and home interiors.