The Bachelor Life-Bachelor Pad

A well done up house where a single man can live alone comfortably or with another man is what most bachelors need. So now that’s what brings us to the designing of a bachelor pad. It is usually designed to facilitate not only his daily activities but also creative ways for leisure activities, hobbies and entertaining friends. A ‘Bachelor Pad’ is considered one of the ultimate possessions of a young individualistic man. This can be decorated with style to suit his taste. Though there are no set rules to styling a pad, but certain elements would definitely give it that masculinity.

1. Minimalist Furniture

A bachelor’s life has its advantages but the down side is that he has to maintain the apartment all by himself. However the desire for trendy and exquisite style is very much dominant. As most men believe that less is more hence our interior designers suggest effectively for a minimalist style suits well.

2. Entertainment Corners

Creating a space for entertainment is imperative. The space should be inviting and have a lot of seating for everyone. Be it a pool table, foosball table or a dartboard, games like theses are a must have in a bachelor pad. Also a big flat screen TV is not only great for movie nights but would also provide a great gaming experience. Just connect your PS4/XBOX for a perfect lazy weekend. And according to our interior designers, adding a recliner to this area would be a cherry on top. It is necessary to design the pad in a way that its comfortable for the person if alone as well as if he has guests over.

3. Cozy Reading Corner

All men love to read at some point be it non-fiction, work related, fiction, motivational, the works. So a smart, sturdy and modern contemporary book shelf becomes the order of the day. Adding a comfortable sofa chair to that nook would complete the look.

4. Bar

Every man/ bachelor loves to own a stylish bar unit. Gearing up for house parties this is the one favorite haunt. You need to have a good looking wall unit with a refrigerator to keep your drinks chilled. Funky wine holders or your favorite music bands or movie poster ideas from our designers team would give great vibes to your bar area. Even a sports bar can be created at home !

5. Man Cave Vibes

Think dramatic. Old wood feel, leather quilting, dark tan colored walls, dim lighting would create a perfect mans cave. Lighting is also an important aspect to create the ambience. Our interior designers think that yellow light is a better choice than white or warm white. Adding posters on sports, movies, or favorite quotes would gather attention. Adding a big camera light in the corner of the living room would suddenly give energy to the room. Even rustic and electric elements can add personality to the house as per preference.

There you go. These were some unique ideas from the our team of experienced interior designers, to decorate a bachelor pad. Personalize it as much as you want and let it exude your personality. Even doing extraordinary/out of the box designs are additions to the endless library of designs.

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