Summers are setting in and we can hardly contain ourselves. Its time of the year to pack away those heavy winter layers and whip out your uber cool shorts and flippers! But summers need to be made more exciting right ? So, its a perfect time to re-look at your interior and spruce it up. So here are some cool tips to make your home summer ready!

1. Use more natural fibers and fabrics.

Cotton, wood, rattan, and wicker are great materials to start integrating into your space. Reminiscent of goan huts and beach abodes, rattan is the ultimate summer material. Consider trying the look of the moment — a rattan lampshade or maybe a wicker pendant light.

2. Use summery fabrics
Colorful floral prints and vibrant, geometric patterns scream summer when found on light textiles. Its probably a good time to visit a Fab India or a Good Earth and pick up those cotton rich fabrics. Also, dont forget to throw away those heavy curtain,  as nothing makes your space feel bigger than letting natural light in.

3. Add more evergreen to your space. 
Even if you don’t have a green thumb, plants are way more likely to survive in the summer! Opt for money plants, splendid hibiscus, or flowering plants like daisy, aster, grandiflora, dahlia, yarrow. Plants add more life to an interior, you will feel more with the nature.


4. Bring outdoor furniture in
Plants aren’t the only way to bring the outdoors in. Acapulco chairs are having their moment again! They are on our list of summer must-haves. Originally intended for outdoor use, these resort style chairs go a long way in getting the summer vibe inside the house.

5. Beautiful Serveware for Summer Drinks

It’s the little things that make the most pronounced difference, isn’t it ? Glassware is one of those little details that is so-worth-it to get your place looking perfect. Hammered metal glasses are in. Not only do they will enhance your drinking experience by activating more complete and complex flavors; metal glass means zero breakage. Thumbs up for that!