Teens – All About Growing

A teenager’s room is more than a place to sleep; it is more of a place to escape the demands and rules of grownups and adjust with dramatic changes within oneself. In that sense it may be the hardest room to design. It needs to spotlight their personal style and interests while still fitting into the rest of the house. These days, teenagers are design conscious and very curious to follow latest trends. Most of the teenagers prefer vibrant and high energy rooms. Though teenage boys and girls rooms are very different, here are some tips from our team of interior designers that would go for both boys and girls.

1. Vertical Study Area

Using a vertical study area with storage above and below the desk is a great idea to save space. Our team of interior designers think that it is a smart option when there is limited space available. It would also keep the study clutter free.

Magnetic dry erase boards are must to keep small desks clutter free.

2. Playing with Lights

Adding playful lights to your teenager’s room is a great idea to experiment with décor. The teenage years are also so much about self- esteem and friends, so putting something in their room which they will feel happy to share with friends is also helpful. According to our interior designers you can opt for something subtle or over the top pieces.

3. Swinging Chair

A swinging chair on the side is a great way to give a teenage look to your son’s or daughter’s room. Playful yet mature…..

4. Hobbies on Display

The room can be made more expressive by displaying a bit of their interests or hobbies like painting, poetry writing, photography, snapshots of their travels, quilling etc. The trick is to allow your teen to express them without clashing on preferences.


5. Loft Bed

Loft Beds or bunker beds are a sure shot thing to bring smile on your teenagers face. Just go for it. Get colorful bedding, pillows, duvets and make it cozy. Having their friend/ friends over for an overnight party would become quite thrilling if the sleep area is enticing.

6. Get Arty

Go graphic with bold colors with thoughtfully designed furniture. Make the walls main event with a display of colorful art and more. A map of world is always a crowd pleaser. Meaningful quotes, framed gig tickets, postcards are also a great idea.

7. Work on Theme

Another way to do up your adolescent’s room is by simply adhering to a theme. Their bedroom theme is a sure fire way to gain their approval and cooperation be it sports, travel, floral or art.

8. Color Pallet

The general color schemes used in girls and boys rooms are very different from each other. We generally use green, pink, purple, turquoise, orange, white in a girl’s bedroom whereas navy, sky blue, grey, brown, red, green are seen in a teenage boy’s room. Of course they can always differ.

So these were some of the ideas that our team of experienced interior designers at Marks Dzyn have put together to help you with your teenage child’s room. If you need to renovate, design, execute ideas for your home or need to have customized furniture/ modular furniture for any spaces please do call up at 011-41015959 or visit us at www.marksdzyn.com