5 Storage Ideas for Bathrooms

Today our homes are all about being beautiful and organized. Everybody likes to start their day on a positive note and one really important rule is to get ready in a calm and inspiring atmosphere and for that it is imperative to have an organized bathroom. Yes, believe it or not as minuscule as it may sound it can make a large difference. When there is no frantic looking for things during in the morning rush, it can even inspire you to devote more time to your self- care routine. Needless to say that storage has to be such that it does not come in the flow of routine. Here are some ideas we have compiled for better and practical storage space in your bathrooms.

#1: Have drawers under the wash basin.

It is a good idea to have drawers under the wash basin counter to store all daily essentials. All these items can be stored in a closed manner away from water this way. Depending on how much space is available cabinets can also be made to store towels and toiletries. Have drawer organizers to keep things from getting mixed up.

#2: Cabinet Towers

Sometimes it’s a good option to make a cabinet tower on the bathroom counter. The space next to the mirror can be used to accommodate a cabinet till the top for storage. This can organize all our things well whether small or big.

# 3: Over the toilet storage

Over the toilet storage is one absolute way to add more space in a bathroom. This space can be carefully used by installing shelves or racks. One can hang towels or keep wicker baskets for things. A small painting at a height can add appeal to the bathroom.

#4: Built in Storage:

Making a built in storage unit in any wall is a clever way of increasing space. This sort of storage gives the appearance of a perfectly planned place for everything. These few strategic and well designed nooks can make your bathroom feel like a clutter free oasis. The storage can be open or concealed with a mirror.

#5: Shower Caddy :

Organizing your shower essentials in a shower caddy can minimize clutter and keep everything in one place. Wall counted shower caddies come in stainless steel or acrylic and can accommodate things like soap cases, shampoo, lotions, loofah etc.

Do try and add these ideas in while designing or renovating your bathroom. Remember that organizing your bathroom has serious payoffs! We at Marks Dzyn are constantly striving to give you more and more design tips and techniques to make your abode more comfortable and alluring. For design and execution of your homes, do call us at 011-41015959 or drop a query at our website www.marksdzyn.com

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