Small Balcony Design Ideas

Most of us are guilty of avoiding our balconies and not maintaining them in the same way that we care for our house interiors. This is probably due to their limited spaces and scarce decoration options. However, do not worry! We have come up with some cool small balcony design ideas to redo your balconies irrespective of its size and live it up to its full potential!

Small balcony with black and white flooring and furniture



Actress Parineeti Chopra in her balcony with plants around

Vertical gardens are unarguably one of the most trending balcony design ideas ! They are extremely picturesque and instantly provide your balcony with that greenery that it was missing! It is also one of the smartest ideas in case you have a small balcony and limited space. Rather than putting pots on the floor, you can just have them on the walls, and therefore, circulation and movement becomes more free flowing. We absolutely love vertical gardens in Parineeti Chopra’s home and how it adds that bit of character.

In case you are someone who wants to include a bit of color, then you can even go for colored pots as they really add a bit of spark!


A greater number of people are becoming health and hygiene conscious and that has led them to growing various herbs and spices in their own homes. You can even indulge in those home grown herbs in your balcony’s vertical gardens and have an organic garden with its fresh aroma wafting through your house!


wooden flooring in balcony

Balconies are small spaces and are utility oriented and therefore, sometimes it becomes difficult to give it the right aesthetic makeover. This is where an alluring flooring comes into play! Wooden deck flooring is one of the best options for a balcony. They look so magnificent and bring a debonair class to the entire space. You can even mix it up with a section of pebbles to give it a rustic look!

artificial grass on balcony floor

Artificial grass floor is another trend that has been on the rise as it gives the entire balcony an exceedingly fresh and niche look and does not require any maintenance as well!

Our love for patterned tiles is not dying anytime soon! Just look how it provides such an interesting personality to the whole space in the picture above. If any of you are struggling with finding the right type of patterned tiles for your house then do check out our blog on home trends.


cane furniture in balcony with potted plants

Of the most important things to be kept in mind is finding the correct furniture for your balconies. We generally come across metal chairs in balconies but move on and get yourself a wooden bench as it looks so rustic and natural! Make it interesting by playing with various colors and upholstery! We confessed our love for Irffan Khan’s colorful, homely balcony seating in our previous article on Irrfan Khan’s House and especially his unique tiled center table.

cane furniture with wooden flooring in the balcony

Cane and bamboo furniture has been making an impressive comeback this season with a lot of designers indulging in these natural materials. Therefore, treat your balcony to some of these chairs as they are easy on the pocket and long lasting as well.

ledge over the railing

A lot of us struggle with the problem of having a small balcony and hence, fail to enjoy the benefits of it. Instead of having a massive table, invest in this small wooden table which can be fixed on your balcony railing and enjoy the thrills of an open air morning breakfast!


accessories on wall in a balcony with wall hangings, chairs, and artifacts hanging from ceiling

Experiment and play a bit with outdoor decorations as well as they bring a new and positive energy to the entire space. Indulge in some attractive wall or ceiling hangings as they tie the entire look and décor together!

wall paintings on wall with small lamps and potted plants and flowers

You can also invest and adorn your walls with certain wall paintings and art as it binds it in an enchanting manner with the lush, green plants. Lanterns and lamps are another accessory that majorly help in exquisitely beautifying the balcony area.

Swing in Balcony

Who doesn’t enjoy relaxing and unwinding on a swing after a stressful day. Pamper yourself with these balcony swings and decorate them with pretty cushions to enjoy a good book in the natural light!


Lot of Lights from ceiling in the balcony with plants behind

Balconies have a never ending supply of natural light and therefore, people do not pay a lot of attention to the sort of lighting that is needed in this area which generally consists of one ceiling light which acts as the ambient light. We came up with an article to discuss the various forms of lighting and its importance in various spaces as well! So do check it out if you believe that the lighting in your house is insufficient.

One of our personal favorites are lanterns! They give a very contemporary character and look so regal and majestic. You can hang them from the ceiling or also place them in various nooks and corners!

lanterns with candle inside

You can also go for fairy lights or Chinese lanterns which provide the area with a mystical aura and make it cozy and comfortable!

We love experimenting with all these various balcony designs and redoing something magnificently. Hence, if you are bored of your plain, old balcony then do leave a message at our website or give us a call at 011-41015959 to speak to an interior designer.

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Semantika Chowdhary and Garima Sharma from Editorial Team