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Kids Room Design – 5 Amazing Tips!

June 16, 2018

Your child is going to spend a lot of their time in their bedroom, so makes all the sense in the world to make it right. Isn’t it ?...

Alia Bhatt’s House, A Home Full Of Stories!

June 9, 2018

An insider on Alia Bhatt’s new apartment in Juhu, Mumbai- designed by the very famous interior designer Richa Bahl A beautifully streamlined house can be the ideal place to...

Furnish Your House Affordably With These Tips

May 7, 2018

Affordable furnishing is now just a click away. Find out what every Interior contractor in Delhi is telling their clients about reasonable furnishing tips. Money matters. Don’t skimp in...

How To Make Your Home Into A Relaxation Island

April 23, 2018

Healing begins at home. Ditch the spa and make these changes to your home to create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort and see the difference… Lets not only...

Unexpected Color Combinations that look Good

March 17, 2018

Yellow, red, black, white…choose the colour you want and create an unexpectedly impressive combo for your home. Hire a professional interior designer in Delhi (Hint) to help you with...

Design your Bedroom to Sleep Like a Log!

March 15, 2018

Can’t sleep well? Believe it or not, but a room design, aesthetics, and lighting go a long way to get you a good night’s rest. Nearly 43 percent population...

The 5 Cool Ways to Decorate Your Home for Summer!

February 23, 2018

Summers are setting in and we can hardly contain ourselves. Its time of the year to pack away those heavy winter layers and whip out your uber cool shorts...

MARKS DZYN Explains: Scandinavian Style

February 15, 2018

Scandinavian Designs are so very trendy. They are the favorites for minimalist lovers. Simple designs, neat straight lines, lot of geometry, and yet uber cool & glamorous!! So, till...

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