Metallic Touch in Rooms

From bold brass to cool copper, metallic shades are great choices to lend to your home. Our interior designers think that metal is a type of decorative accent that creates a visual dimension to the environment. It usually works well with all color schemes. Cooler metallic tones like silver, nickel and steel bring a modern look whereas warmer tones like gold bronze and brass can just quite glamorize the same space. There are a lot of ways both subtle and bold in which metallic hints can be infused. Our designers have come up with a few ways of using it.

1. Wall Hangings and Art Works

According to our interior designers these are some of the easiest ways to add metallic touch to your home which will be light on your pocket as well. It would suddenly highlight the wall on which it is placed. Metallic pillows and cushion covers are also a great option to give your house a glittery look.

2. Accent walls

According to our designers another way to add sparkle in your room is by creating an accent wall covered with metallic finishes like wall paper and wall paints. Wall paper comes in all kinds of patterns like floral, tropical, geometric etc and comes in various scales as well. You can also choose to accentuate your ceiling. A highlighted ceiling with gold flecks would add drama and glamour at the same time.

3. Furniture and Furnishings

There is no better way to add shine to the room other than furniture pieces. By adding metallic furnishings, big or small would suddenly add chutzpah to your room. Blending metallic colors with your furniture and neutral walls is a great idea to sprinkle some elegance to your room. A gold side table or even minor detailing is a trick from our team of interior designers.

4. Light Fixtures and Small Detailing

A focal point can be created by adding a shiny light fixture or something as sleek as a door knob, drawer handles and just grooves in consoles or tables. Be it a small pendant light with gold finish or a big chandelier in the living room can do wonders to the space. Another small scale option is to replace hardwares by adding shiny knobs or pulls in gold, silver or copper finishes. This is simple and light on the expense side.

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