Scandinavian Designs are so very trendy. They are the favorites for minimalist lovers. Simple designs, neat straight lines, lot of geometry, and yet uber cool & glamorous!! So, till we have an Ikea opening shop in India, lets see how you can make your home look more Nordic!

Where it all started:

Before we go into the design and the “cool tips” part, lets get a glimpse of where these must-have design elements find their roots. History class ? Scandinavian design has been more of a movement than just a trend, which became prominent in early 20th century. In 1930s, various designers contributed to this movement, to name a few, Alvar Aalto was famous for furniture & textiles, Hans Wegner for chairs, Poul Henningsen for lamps and so on, and these designers helped create the golden era of Scandinavian furniture.

The most important part of Scandinavian designs has been the utility part. Nothing is really for show unless it serves a utility purpose! So, in true architecture sense, it really mixes design and purpose in a most democratic way!

So lets start looking at some pictures and see whats so Scandinavian about them.


Pastels. Pastels. Pastels. This look cannot be complete with any jarring colors. The theme of a Scandinavian design has been the use of pastel colors. This kind of a color palette has a minimalist feel about it.


Light fittings and lamps are very important in Nordic Design. The lamps are neat, log, slender, with a beauty of wood around them. The wood finish is mostly kept natural showing off the natural grains of the nature.


Open air rooms with large windows. And did we say white? White, Grey and Pastels add to the expanse and give Nordic nod to your living area. Evergreen and Plants, exposed brickwork, neat clean architectural lines and a dash of yellow!. Try and get these elements into your living room.


Nordic design is famous for carving out good storage and spaces out of all nooks and corners.


A Nordic Kitchen needs to have a white! Yes, so whether you get a white PU done, or a white brick wall, but add white. And combining that with a rustic natural wood is what makes it complete!


Scandinavian furniture is known to be leggy. So you see a lot of long legs on the furniture, mostly wood in finish, with neat striking lines, making it a cozy modern eat out.