All of us are craving some change especially because of everything that’s going on. Our homes seem to feel a little monotonous because we are experiencing it so much more. Renovations are a taxing process and buying new stuff all the time isn’t the most affordable idea. So here are some tips and tricks to change up your space for the least amount of money, if not FREE!

1. Fill it with foliage

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A little greenery can completely change your space. A great way to add to your living room is not simply just by adding flowers. You could add leaves, branches, twigs. Anything that adds a natural element and catches attention. It is amazing how much life greens can breathe into a space. It has the ability to elevate the ambience your room creates.

2. Rearrange furniture

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Getting into full scale renovations and purchasing new stuff isn’t everyone’s idea of fun when it comes to changing up a space. So an easy and free way to change the look of a space is to play around with the furniture. Re-arrange everything in a completely new manner and see the changes it brings to how your space feels and looks! It provides a totally different flow to the space.

3. Add throw pillows and blankets

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Another great way to decorate your living room is to add a lot of warm elements. Things like throw pillows and throw blankets add a beautiful touch to your space and also give it more of a raw and personal feeling. It is inviting and looks super comfortable when such elements are given place in your living room. It is also a great place to be experimental. Using throw blankets and pillows gives you a space to play around with colors and designs and pair different colors and patterns together for a fresh, new look.

4. Candles can never do you wrong

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There isn’t a lot of clarity needed on this one. Candles make a space look more romantic and inviting. It fills up a space while light and can be used as the accent lighting of a space if the room allows it. Candles are not only beautiful in interior settings but are also a sustainable way to add small amount of light in spaces.

5. Switch up the focal point

Most of us arrange our living rooms around our TVs, which has been the most effective way to set up living spaces. We also, though, fill our living rooms usually with many statement pieces so to say. This could be artwork, gallery walls or some sort of installation. These are elements that go unnoticed in living rooms but have so much value in that space. Moving things around is a free and easy way to change the perspective of your brand new living room!

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Written by – Ms. Malvika Bhardwaj from (Editorial Team)