Lighting Trends of 2021

While lighting is a crucial element in just about every room, it’s often overlooked in comparison to other home decor products. Unlike rugs or armchairs, lighting is generally out of sight, out of mind — but oftentimes, a change in lighting is all it takes to transform a room.

So, we bring to you the top lighting trends of 2021!

  • Floor Lamps with Shelves

Floor lamps with shelves offer a multifunctional option to store books, plants, and anything in between. With the shift in a way of living and more time spent inside the home. People have started to shift towards furniture and accessories that has many uses and more storage.

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  • Rattan Lamps

With sustainable design becoming a big trend in interiors this year, rattan lamps have come out a clear winner for choice of lighting in 2021. Not only are they sustainable but are a beautiful and warm addition to any space they are added to.

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  •  Neon lamps

Neon lamps have also really taken a big space in the lighting trends of this year. This has been seen as a very young and fresh way to add light to a place. Neon lights are a fun statement piece and are a great way to add a splash of colour to a dull interior space!

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  • Industrial Floor Lamps

Industrial floor lamps have also seen a lot of admiration this year as clean and modern aesthetics have become of prime importance. These lamps are a great modern and minimalistic addition to any space.

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These are just a few of the many new lighting trends to be recognized in 2021. Keep updated with all the new trends, tips and tricks to make your interiors so much more!

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