Let’s Get Girlie- Teenage Ladies

Every teenage girl dreams of a beautifully designed personal space which is inspirational as well as functional. Designing a young lady’s room means giving her a private space to dream on and plan her aspirations and endeavors. This is the room which would witness pleasant memories with her friends, cry in tough times, laugh out loud, act goofy and pursue new hobbies and interests. Here are some tips from our interior designers that would give this personal space a unique look.

Bright Colors

Girls of this age are usually very clear about their color preferences. Go ahead with her choice. Bright colors would keep the energy levels high too.

Personalize It

The room is going to be your daughter’s special room most of her growing up years. Design of the room should be an extension of her personality. Take her ideas and add elements that reflect her person: maybe a pin up of her favorite movie star or musician or sports person !


Using different stylish accessories would add a chic elegance to your young lady’s room.

Pretty frames
Frames of various colors be it sombre or brilliant would really spruce up the room. Fill it with photographs which she cherishes like a family holiday or a trip with her friends.

Pleasing Bed linen
This can be a focal point of the room. It should be comfortable for sure and could be made interesting by adding colors to it. Spread a quilted bedspread or a nice solid colored one with large cushions making it relaxing after a long day.

Adding Accessories
Adding accessories like a faux fur rug, patterned curtains, hanging fringes would be affordable to add a teenage look to your daughter’s room.

Some Popular Themes for Girls

BOHO Style

Varying textures, an array of prints and colors, multiple layers, tassels is all you need to go with the theme. Furnishings in such bedrooms usually include rattan, ottomans, and distressed pieces for the room décor.

Floral Themes

Flowers are also popular with girls. You can go bright and bold or soft and pretty. This can be manifested in wall papers, wall painting or wall art.

Reader’s Paradise

Many teen girls become avid readers and they would just love a space to devour books, novels and encyclopedias. Having a neat and sophisticated wall unit/ bookshelf side is a great idea for your little book worm. A simple loop canopy suspended from ceiling with a fur throw rug with duty pink walls would create an awesome reading corner. Or as most of the designers like it, just a simple book printed wall paper with big book shelves covering one wall would be easiest to create a readers paradise.

Girls Go Sporty

Adding pink to a sports wall would give this sporty room a girlie twist. Try to find a girl friendly sporty fabric in your local store. Display her laurels and accolades in an artistic way. For instance purchase some shadow boxes large enough to contain few of her most impressive trophies. Add a good picture of the girl in play. Try finding a ball light fixture. Put her favorite sports posters on the wall by mounting them on poster boards.

Polka Polka

This design choice would not be really appreciated by all the adults, but our interior designers think that adding polka dots on the wall or bedding would really appeal to almost all teenagers.

Monochrome Theme

Monochromes are trending at all age groups. It’s just simple and classic. Painting the wall in dual colors like black and white will give a perfect monochrome wall. Our interior designers want to add frills and tassels that would give her room an elegant and chic ambience. Classic grey rugs will be perfect for this kind of environment. Use sophisticated bedding in fabrics like satin would complete the look.


Yet another obvious theme is the fashionista theme. Do not hesitate to encourage this streak for who knows, she might be a budding Coco Chanel or Versace! We as interior designers suggest the usage of beddings with fabrics like satin, frame fashion magazine covers, a chair shaped like a heel. Artfully hang her purses, scarves, hats on coat hooks. The list is endless for this kind of theme.

So that was quite a comprehensive way of doing up our lady’s room. For more such ideas and interior designing services, contact Marks Dzyn and our team will be only more willing to help you with design, execution and furniture. Visit our website www.marksdzyn.com or call us at 011-41015959.