Someone once said, “Happiness is taking a long warm bath”. A nice bath in a nicely done bathroom can sure help wash your worries away. Bathrooms have had a long history, stretching back further than you can imagine. One of the earlier baths originates from the Indus Valley Civilization. Romans and Greeks used to give a lot of importance to a bath and hence constructed large purpose thermal baths! Today’s bathrooms are about combining comfort, style and functionality. We have put together 7 design elements which are in huge trend and you should look up while getting your bathrooms designed.


1. Color

Choosing the right bathroom color can work wonders and transform the look of it completely. Hence, you should be certain about the bathroom interior look that you want going for it as different color palettes work differently for any given space.
At the moment greige (a beautiful mix of beige and grey) is all the rage. You can mix it up with white walls and bronze fittings to give it a classy look or with dusty rose and tropical printed tiles to give it a playful character.

A trend that we have noticed to be on the rise in the arena of the latest bathroom designs is half tiled bathrooms. You can have nice, light colored tiles running the entire length of your bathroom and balance it out with dark painted walls on top like navy blue or sealskin (trending bathroom colors!) as they bring out the perfect balance that you would want to obtain.

As we mentioned in our last blog, green is the hottest color in the market and has attracted a large mass of audience. The color is so versatile that it can work for your living room, bedroom or even your bathroom! The richness that the color provides gives a very natural and scenic aura which is spot on for your bathroom. You can go for a Marrs Green color or a forest green to achieve this latest bathroom design.

2. Tiles

Bored of your medieval styled bathroom? Do you want to give it a makeover? We will give you the latest bathroom design ideas. Just replace those boring, old tiles with some colorful patterned ones. This is our favorite trend this year like we mentioned in our previous blog.

The trick to getting a trendy bathroom interior without going through the hassle of getting the entire space renovated is by putting some patterned tiles on the floor. You can keep the walls subtle so as to not take away from the character that the floor provides.

It can go the other way round as well if you’re feeling a little less brave. Rather than the floor you can have beautiful, colored patterns on your wall, either in the shower area or near your washbasin as it is important to maintain the balance.

3. Fittings

Another trend that we have grown a certain affinity towards is the rising demand for brass fittings which have replaced the stainless silver ones. Forget about those rusty, old, golden bathroom fittings as the brass ones are much more stylish and give your modern bathroom the right tinge of vintage.

The elegant copper fittings are another bathroom feature that has been trending. Imagine your white marble bathroom with a strong copper faucet or a beautifully arranged copper shelf. Who doesn’t want to bask in the glory of such elegance?

In case you are someone who is not a very big fan of vintage looks, you are in luck as we have a very modern and stylish option for you which has currently been trending in the domain of bathroom design ideas. These are the black stainless steel fittings. They are extremely easy to pair up with any color and provide a bold look.

4. Mirror

Undoubtedly, vanity is the most vital thing in today’s modern age. Grooming and taking care of your physical and mental well-being is of primary importance. All of us aspire to look our best and that is when good lighting comes into play.

We generally see celebrities using such fancy mirrors with bulbs on the frame. But trust us, it is not at all hard to achieve. You can have such a mirror setting if physical appearance plays a pivotal role for you as this mirror makes life much easier on a day-to-day basis.

If you are someone who is looking for a trendy or attractive mirror lighting option then you can surely choose one of the options displayed above. You can have lighting installed behind or on the edges of the mirror frame as it gives the bathroom interior a very classy look.

You can also have a bunch of pendant lights installed at the edge of the mirror or spot lights on top to highlight that area. Spot lights emit the right amount of light required near a bathroom mirror without making it too flashy.

5. Light

The right placement and type of bathroom lights are very important. You need to make sure that the lights are highlighting areas that need highlighting and not those which can work without it.

Hanging lamps from the ceiling give the bathroom a vintage look along with making it look stylish. Another option that has been doing the rounds lately in the latest bathroom designs is false ceiling. You can have cove lights installed as this gives the bathroom a moody look without making it look too dim.

You can also have a chandelier set up in the center of the bathroom in case you do not want lights installed at multiple points because it provides enough light to bring the entire bathroom into focus.

6. Storage

When one thinks about bathroom storage, the first thing that comes to mind is the under sink cabinets. These are the most convenient storage units as it provides enough space without any hindrance to the circulation. In case you are tired of your pull out drawers, you can go for the soft closing ones as they are much easier to operate and let’s not forget that these are the latest bathroom designs as well!

Everyday items of use cannot be stored in closed cabinets as comfort and convenience in a bathroom are of pure essence. This is when open storage shelves come into play. You can have them near your washbasin to hold your dental floss or on the floor like a rack to keep soft linen towels.

All of us have a secret stash of items that we want to keep private and at the same time we do not want to compromise on our circulation space. We have the perfect solution. Why not construct a cabinet behind your mirror with the latest lift up hardware rather than the basic shutters.

In case you are feeling extra sneaky you can even have cabinets in the same tiles as the walls like in the picture above, as they give the bathroom an open and airy look.

7. Amenities

Now-a-days, bathrooms are spaces of stress release after a long, hard day of work. In today’s world looking and feeling your best are of utmost importance. Hence, it is very important to provide yourself with amenities that are comforting and luxurious at the same time. We will let you know the latest bathroom design ideas in the area of comfort that have been trending on in the market lately.

You can have a hair dryer holder installed near your plug point so that is becomes convenient and there is no need to plug out and store the machine after every use.

Music is the ultimate stress buster and almost all of us need to listen to our favorite track whilst taking a shower. For this, you can have a wireless music player installed which is water proof. Now you can enjoy your favorite songs while soaking in a hot bath.

None of us are fond of touching the toilet seats after using it. This is where you can apply the automatic closing toilet seats. These protect you from all the bacteria that you can catch while touching your toilet as it closes it on its own.
You can also have automatic deodorizers to keep the bathroom smelling fresh at all times.

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Semantika Chowdhary and Garima Sharma from Editorial Team