Kitchen Trends in 2021

Whether your goal is a full makeover or simply sprucing up the space, you want to know what’s in and what’s out and what’s here to stay especially when it’s time for a kitchen makeover. 2021 is a year filled with classic interior design trends we all love. Read on to discover the top kitchen design trends 2021!

1. Open Plan Kitchen

Kitchens are usually the areas of a house with the most foot fall and that is why the design of kitchens have always held most importance in terms of functionality. This year, everyone is focusing on open plan kitchens. Interior styles have changed a lot over the years and we have shifted from boxing things up to a more wall less way of living. Today, homes are focused on furniture and shelving to create zones within their homes.

2. Layered Lighting

This is the most fun to experiment with in the kitchen. Lighting plays a big role in a kitchen space not only for aesthetics but also in terms of safety. Working with different levels of light enables designers to create an atmosphere that they couldn’t before. Layered lights are the best way to create more of a grandeur in a simple space like your kitchen!

3. Open Shelves

Open shelves were a thing of the past and we love that the trend has come back! In the 50’s they were a necessity not so much a trend. While it took a back seat for a while, we love that it’s come back in full form. Having open shelving makes access easier and also gives you a great excuse to always have your shelves cleaned up! No monsters behind those closed doors!

4. Kitchen Island

Kitchen Islands have been a part of trends the last couple of years for kitchen designs and not much has changed on that front! Designers love it just as much as the home owners do. For a long time, people in the kitchen were cut off from the rest of the home for the hours that they worked to cook for the family but this trend made it possible for everyone to be included and be in the same space together as well as have a super cool and open kitchen design. It’s 2021, and we still love kitchen islands.

5. Tiles

Tiles , like open shelves, are yet another great example of how a preloved trend got a makeover. In search of some creative inspiration? Lean into a global, old-world style. Colourful feature walls with Mexican tile, backsplashes with subway tile, and even checkered floor tiles were all hot kitchen trends. They continue to captivate the attention of trendsetters and homemakers alike.

So these were some trending kitchen ideas in 2021!

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Written by – Ms. Malvika Bhardwaj from (Editorial Team)