It’s a Boy Thing – Tweens to Teenagers

Teen boys are notoriously hard to please. But like most of us, boys also need a space to call their own. His bedroom is like a refuge, a private space where he can go whenever he wants to be alone, where he can feel free to add his own touch to the den. This place would be our man’s bedroom, office and a place for lounging with friends. A teenage room should look cool, practical and comfortable. Traditionally, boys rooms are not known to be the neatest quarters of the house but let us be fair , boys should be boys. It is alright if their rooms are a bit messy. Surely there is a method to the madness.

Here are some tips to incorporate in your young man’s cave:

1. Functionality

The idea of the interior designers is to create a space for free movement. Bring in clever picks in functional furniture like a compact, tuck away table that can be opened up. It can serves both purposes of practicality and functionality. The study desk can have vertical storage shelves above and below the table or just adjustable boxes that can be moved around. For small rooms, convertible furniture like a small chair which can be folded would create more circulation to the room.

2. Accent Wall

Kids love colors, so we as interior designers thought why not bring a little bit of drama to their room by adding bold colors or a graphic wall. You don’t need to focus on all four walls instead just focus on one wall. It would indeed give a wow effect.Even if you want neutral colors for your teenage lad just put their hobbies on display like hanging a guitar on one wall for your music lover teen or hanging a tennis rackets on your little champs wall or just flaunt their achievements by creating a display wall for their trophies. If you have a budding artist, put up his drawings and artwork on the walls. There cannot be a more original wall treatment !

3. Accessorize

You will be amazed how small decorative items and accessories can make a huge impact in a room. Designers know the influence that a rug , lighting , throw pillows and other accessories can have on a space. If used properly , these accessories can give a new and a fresh look to the room but on the contrary can make the room messy if just dumped somewhere. Keeping certain things in mind would make the room neater. Choosing accessories in correct proportion and combining right textures and colors would really help in balancing out the extras. Accessories like skate boards on the wall, cap pegs, world maps or just adding a statement piece would be perfect for a boyish look.

Some common themes are:

1. Sports

Sports are a very important aspect in every boy’s life and our interior designers also give it due importance. Wall shelves to display sports photographs, gloves, balls, hockey packs, trophies etc are excellent way to infuse a sports theme to your little champs room or just a simple sports wall paper or even just a wall painting is enough to give a perfect sporty look to the room.

2. Orange is the new Blue

Inject some energy with orange. Deep orange gives a feeling of vibrancy or creativity to the space. Choose orange for one wall only and choose a monochrome theme to the rest of the room.

3. Stripes

You just can’t go wrong with classic stripes to create a grown up industrial boarding school look. Simple furniture pieces like a wrought iron bed should be kept to go with the stripes.

4. Science

If your child loves everything related to science then create a science themed room, this is the perfect idea from our interior designers. By simply painting a solar system on the wall with plain dark blue bedding and curtains is enough to create the ambience. Add art pieces or wall hanging or wall posters  related to science on neutral walls can also look classy. Try sticking  to blue and silver for bedding and upholsteries and other accessories for the perfect look.

5. Rock Star Room

Let us add a touch of music in your young melody makers room. If your teenagers are interested in music and play instruments, this is the theme to go for. The colors used in such rooms can be bold and bright. Entirely black rooms would be too dark and dreary , combine black with grey or silver to neutralize the effect. Add a liberal dose of bright colors like bright blue or yellow. To pull in more of pop influence the rooms color scheme should be as colorful as rock star’s life . Adding musical instruments to the room which the child plays like a guitar hung on the wall or a keyboard or a drum set kept on the side would complete the look. Suddenly there is a whole lot of persona added to the room and even if its messy it gets surpassed !

6. Explorer

Encourage travel and exploratory dreams of your child by giving him a travel themed room. A map based wall would not only look fabulous but would help your teenager be curious about geography and the world in general. Alternately just assemble a wall with all travel memorabilia. Encourage children to collect special memories from each city they go to like pamphlets, magnets, pictures, objects, stuffed toys and all this can be displayed artistically.

7. Gamers

Let the boys chill out in the comfort of a room designed for gaming only. Give gaming chairs, metal trunks and industrial lights to give the perfect atmosphere for that edge of the seat experience !

8. Avengers

Super hero is one of the cultural interests that no one really grows out of. Mature comic fans would love these rooms and so do our interior designers. Just give an avenger themed wall paper or add accessories like the Captain America shield, Avenger cushions, wall hangings etc . These would be enough to bring on the drama to the room.

We really hope you enjoyed all the ideas our team has compiled for doing up the room of your prince. For more ideas do reach out to us at Marks Dzyn.
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