Irrfan Khan’s House – beautifully crafted by Shabnam Gupta

“Your home is an extension of your personality”. This phrase is depicted perfectly by actor Irrfan Khan’s perfect sanctum designed by ace designer Shabnam Gupta who did not leave any stone unturned to turn this apartment into his private abode.


Living Room with Water body in it and raw ceiling

Stepping into the living room, you would feel as if you have left all the hustle and bustle of the busy Mumbai city. The space is open and naturally lit from the large windows, as Irrfan Khan likes dimly lit rooms with sunlight filtering in. His love for the color blue is evident as it has been used extremely tastefully by the designer all over the house. The living room is a perfect blend and synthesis of east meets west with the rustic charms of the charpoy and lanterns but with a modernistic touch to it nevertheless.

However, it is the water bodymade out of blue stone in the center of Irrfan Khan’s House that steals the show with its own set of fishes and lotuses.

The blue of the water body and the sofas is such a beautiful contrast with the dark tiled flooring and the gothic ceiling with its colored lights that it gives the room an almost mystical aura to it.

Jhoola (Swing) in the Room with Actor Irrfan Khan sitting on it

The jhoola (swing) in this room was a necessity and something that the couple wanted. It is a small two-seater with fluorescent pink that matches ornately with the blue that has been used extensively all over Irrfan Khan’s house. The corner of this room is adorned with mirrors with traditional wooden frames that provide such a unique element to the entire space and pulls the entire contemporary charm of the room together.


Dining Table with Blue Chairs and mirror cabinet on the adjacent.

Walking from the mesmerizing character of the living room one will find themselves in the equally enchanting dining area which again has an intriguingly mismatched character to it but somehow each element just entwines with each other. We love the simplicity of the different chair designs which somehow just fall into place with each other. Again, the flooring in this room is dark with the matching colored lanterns hovering on top.
An interesting element in this corner of the house is the wooden paneling in white with its numerously placed mirrors. According to the Architectural Digest, Irrfan Khan “confessed to a mirror fetish” and hence, placing them all over the house was a given.
Mirrors provide such an interesting element to the room and that is of making the room looking larger. In case you are a fan of mirrors like Irrfan or want to make your cramped room look bigger then you can even go through our article- Interior Design Ideas for Living Room in Gurgaon – which talks about them in great depth!

Dining Table with Chairs and an adjacent Mirror Cabinet


BEd with sofa in front and wall art behind

The bedroom again plays with the similar hues of white, blue and dark, rustic wood. The room has a very natural and primitive character to it due to the use of the plush and exquisite wooden flooring with natural light again playing its part in softening up the harshness of any element.
The wooden furniture like, the center table and the chair again have a very unique design element to them with the blue headboard which looks beautiful against the white backdrop.

Art on Wall. Simple Single Line Drawing, looking elegant

Just like every room in this house has one distinctive feature to it, in this room it is the simple lined mural on the wall which has been underplayed as it is devoid of any color but still stands out in such an alluring manner. Another feature is the stone archways that have been installed living up to the homely and rustic theme of the room!


Reading Corner made of wood with wooden flooring

There! Can you see those beauties lined up? Irrfan Khan has been honored with many awards and Shabnam Gupta has played smartly with this corner nook which very well highlights those achievements. The antique centre table is so unique that one cannot pass by without giving it a second glance. The wooden flooring and the fixed windows create a very cozy and comfortable environment where the star can read his scripts in tranquility.


Wicker Headboard and antique furniture make up this unique Guest Room

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication! The exquisite blend of the four-poster bed and the charming rustic side table is the most desirable and charismatic look which keeps intact the innocence of the originality.

You can have it in the normal open shutter format or can even get it designed for a sliding shutter wardrobe!


Blue Walls in Corridor with Paintings on Walls

Again the color blue has been used in this corridor to indicate the positive energy that flows through Irrfan Khan’s house! The entire wall is lined with intricate frames which have been sourced especially from Jodhpur. It falls in sync with the traditional artifacts that you can find all over Irrfan Khan’s house. The floor has again been kept simple just like the rest of the house so that it does not outshine the beautiful décor!

Shabnam Gupta captures the uniqueness of the roles Irrfan khan plays in his movies, perfectly. Each and every corner has been designed and carefully executed keeping in mind the classy nature of the star. Beading is one of our favorite wall trends this year. Even in the picture above the beautiful beading work is very well evident.


Outdoor furniture in the balcony with actor Irrfan khan

The occupants are avid open space lovers so it came as no surprise that they wanted a balcony sitting where they could cherish their free time. The terrazzo flooring ties up perfectly with the quirky sitting set up. We love the simple couch which poses a unique character due to its light and moody upholstery. However, we absolutely love the center table which consists of colored tiles put together. It follows the trend of simplicity but still stands out due to the amalgamation of various colors put together.

We were highly impressed and inspired by this unique and beautifully done up house.

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Semantika Chowdhary and Garima Sharma from Editorial Team