Interior Rage 2020

As with new seasons showcasing new fashion trends, we see new emerging home décor trends too. We are thus tempted to update our homes rather than completely changing it. There is no escape from trends whether you live by them or feel totally unaffected. From choices of paint colors to furniture to decor, everything designed for our homes is influenced by wider trends, and our team of experienced interior designers is all set to help you in this.

1. Contemporary Fire Places

A contemporary fireplace is an everlasting thing. It is both decorative and functional. Our interior designers think that fire place becomes the focal point of any space occupied. The look of your fire place can elevate the space, so setting it against a stone wall or a brick wall seems ideal.

2. Canopy Beds

There is something luxurious and relaxing about Canopy Beds. One of the pleasing things about Canopy Beds is that it creates a calm environment within the room. But according to our designers, the size and the frame of the bed needs to be considered to avoid getting a bulky and heavy look.

3. Floral Print Wall Paper and Fabrics

Floral print fabrics and wall paper is one of the contemporary trends to look forward in 2020. There is a strong attraction to vibrant colors like yellow and blue. Contrasting colors can make your walls and furniture fuse well making the room look attractive.

4. Focus on ceiling designs

Giving focus on the ceilings can add glamour to the atmosphere; also it creates a focal point. Our interior designers think that the ceilings can be used to define zones within an open space plan.Even smaller spaces such as an office area benefit from highlighting and creating focus on a central working point.

Also it helps in adding interest to a neutral color scheme. Incorporating the ceiling as another wall within the space is a well thought design that can be displayed.

5. Kids Room

Ideally gradient shades should be used in the children’s room as it is good for their brain work. Pillows and cushions can be considered of different shades. Bed linen of soft and pleasant materials like cotton, seersucker and linen is the perfect option for your child’s room in 2020.

Any junior room needs proper lighting for health and eyesight. LED décor are popular for children’s bedroom design this leap year.

Metal accent furniture couldn’t be more on trend. Just like the 3 drawer dresser in coral below where solid wood meets brass finished detailing is a great way to keep your young one’s paraphernalia.

So these were some of the design trends of 2020 from our interior designers that you can incorporate in your home without changing anything much. We hope you will find these useful.
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