It’s been a challenging time for everyone and our homes have been of the utmost importance to us, providing shelter from the happenings of outside. Let’s focus on the trends that have come into play in 2021 that will help spruce up the private sanctuary that has protected you throughout this time.

Here are some Interior Design Trends to look out for in 2021:

1. Home offices/ Multi-functional spaces

It’s no surprise with the way things have taken shape that a home office has become one of the most upcoming and relevant trends of this year. People are working remotely more than ever before and there is no real time limit on this. Soundproofing techniques like carpeting, multi paneled windows etc are among the practices that will impact creation of home office as well as creating spaces that exude energy and break the monotony of the space!

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2. Design focusing on sustainability

Organic and renewable material will be of prime importance in 2021. People are becoming more aware of their environment and that has played a big role in transforming how interiors have been all this while. The reuse of décor elements will continue to rise as refurbished pieces are stealing the spotlight this year. Product sourcing is also going to be made more conscious and given priority. Quality and impact on environment will highly define choice of vendors as well.

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3. Light wood

The sustainability trend has led to the rise of a trend of more neutral colours. Lightwood is going to become the hero of material choice because of that. It can be fit into various styles and designs and has a super versatile quality. It adds an element of rawness to any space which goes very well in tune with the other trends this year is seeing.

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4. Textured walls

One of the 2021 interior design trends is textured walls, as a perfect fit with retro inspiration, naturalistic, and eclectic flairs. Marbling techniques, sumptuous fabrics, abstract design are just a few ways to add a new dimension to the room. Mixes of natural materials like moss, wood, stone and 3d wallpapers, are also innovative solutions to apply this décor trend.

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These are just a few of the major trends of 2021. There are so many more and this space will keep you updated on the what’s what of interior design this year and the years to come!


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Written by – Ms. Malvika Bhardwaj from (Editorial Team)