From basic to brilliant in just a few moves, that’s how makeovers should be. No elaborate plans, no fancy expenses, just basic things that make the living room look fresh and new! Check out these 7 amazing ideas to give a makeover to your living room- we also did these for a few of our interior designing projects in Gurgaon!

1. Every Mirror Tells a Story

Now-a-days apartments are trending, with a majority of people converting their large bungalows to apartments/floors to savor the modernity and amenities of apartments. However the only problem that you could sometimes face is that they have smaller rooms. This can be solved by a much more inexpensive and simpler solution. Small corners light up and look larger with the use of mirrors. Hang one in the central location and let its light add to the ambience. You can even hang them from across the window if your room is a bit gloomy as they provide better lighting too.

Mirrors are also very easy to pair up with different styles of living rooms. They come in various shapes, sizes and styles such as modern, traditional, vintage etc and hence serve a dual purpose of making your room look larger and adding character to it as well. We did a mirror wall recently for an interior designing project in Ireo Skyon in Gurgaon and you can see it looks just fine!

2. Simple yet classy

Just like our lives are becoming easier because of technology, the same concept has started applying to our furniture as well. We have seen a great influx of simple and linear interior design trends in the domain of furniture as they optimize space within the room yet giving it a very classy look.

People generally have this perception that simple and classy furniture can only work for a modern living room, but let’s break that notion. It can be applicable for a traditional or vintage styled apartment as well. Just like in the picture above you can notice how the simply styled bench has been given a natural and traditional vibe through the use of bold colors. It goes beautifully with the rustic look that the charpoy (chaarpai) provides as well.

3. Shades of Neutral Colors

Coming back to our initial problem of smaller rooms and spaces, there is another trick to make it look bigger and that is of neutral colored walls. We applied the same technique whilst interior designing this living room for a family residing in Central Park 1, Gurgaon. Neutral colors give the small living rooms a more spacious and open look as it reflects light. You can even use tapestries in neutral shades or just soft hues that even bring sophistication to the room.

In case you are someone who wants to add a bit more color to your living room then you can do so by using colored upholstery or just accessorize the room in rich, vibrant colors.

4. Put together a Collage

Each house is a reflection of a family’s experiences, interests and their stories. Hence, whilst designing your house you should keep in mind that it represents an extension of your personality and the best way to achieve this is by strewing together a bunch of maps, vintage postcards, travel cards, little things that mean something to you and make space for them on the wall. You can create this yourself with earthy tones for a warm look. This simple makeover was done for an interior design project for a family residing in Rosewood City, Gurgaon and has made their living room even livelier and warmer.

To give the house a bit more warmth and personal touch, you can even put together the best artworks of your children and family photos that hold a special place in your heart.

5. Bring Plants Indoors

It is no surprise that air pollution is on the rise and going to parks is not the best option now-a-days as the air outside is not of the greatest quality. In such a scenario it becomes essential that we at least try and ensure that we can purify the air that we breathe inside our houses. Other than air purifiers you can take the natural route and get a few house plants.

Plants are a perfect way to bring some nature into the house. Place some plants on the window sills and create a fresh ambience. Not only do they purify the air but they also give the house a very natural and look. Get pots and planters to match your living room décor.

In the above picture, you can see a few great options for in house plants in case you had been on the lookout for some.

6. Color Block your walls

Rather than adorning your walls with pictures, make your walls picturesque by color blocking in your living room! According to GoodHomes Magazine, give your rooms a new personality by mixing up various colors and geometric patterns. Pastel and complimentary shades on the walls are quite trending at the moment and people have also been clashing them with block and bold colored furniture.

However, if you are someone who is not ready to take that big risk to use bold colors then you can even go for lighter shades or use them in small places rather than painting your entire wall. Use shades like dusty rose or greige as they are subtle on the eye but still have a dramatic impact on the color palette of the room. We have used color blocking in a lot of our interior design projects and more recently the picture shows the interior design done for a residence in Ireo Grand Arch, Gurgaon.

 7. Bring In the Antiques

Underused rustic neutrals and elements of stone always add a distinct character to any living space. Head out to the nearest street market and you’ll find plenty of these.

Whether you want to use it as a place for guests, or a comfort hub for kicking back with family, a boring living area kills the buzz. That’s why you have got to give it a makeover as often as you can.

Rather than throwing away old, traditional furniture, you can get them polished and accessorize them to give them a new look. Contemporary style is quite in at the moment as it provides a perfect amalgamation of vintage and modern.

You can even collect vintage artifacts from your travels and fill up your living room with these stories.

Marks Dzyn uses many of these trending ideas in their designs.

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Semantika Chowdhary and Garima Sharma from Editorial Team