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March 25, 2019
Wall Paper in Living Room

Wall coverings are the perfect way to add character, drama and richness to a space. You don’t always have to hang a huge number of things to create a feature wall. A wallpaper is the “easy” and a more “sophisticated” way of adding color, texture and quality!

Wall coverings
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Dotting the I’s and Crossing the T’s –

• Make sure you choose a pattern that you truly like since it’s going to be there for several years and we would not recommend painting over it in case you outgrow it.

• Do not paper all the walls in a room as it’s never a good idea to over – egg the cake!

• Check the backing (base) of the Wall Covering. There are many kinds available – paper backing, acrylic, fabric (woven or non-woven), cement boards, MDF, ply boards, etc. Each of these differs in weight, quality standards and application; so look for the one that suits your needs.

• Wall Coverings are generally available in standard sized rolls (57 sq. ft.). You must measure the walls before the process starts. Find out the total square footage and compare it with the size available of the wall covering.

• While calculating the amount of paper you need, it’s always better to allow room for errors, aligning of the pattern and trimming. We generally take a 15-20% margin.

• Don’t randomly choose the focal wall. It should be the one that catches your eyes instantly. Also, it’s advisable that you cover a normal sized wall with less cutouts as higher the number of openings in the wall, more will be the wastage.

• Wallpaper installation requires preparation of the wall. To ensure a flawless installation, any nicks and holes have to be patched and smoothened. The walls are then primed and a flat base layer is added.

• In case you want a patterned wall covering, just make sure that the scale of the pattern goes with that of the room or else it will start straining your eyes!

• Wall covering not only involves choosing the right pattern and proper installation; but also requires it to be styled such that it adds a statement to the space.

 Offering a striking finish by bordering the edges using beading, decorative strips, grooves, etc.
 Using wallpaper background for niches, shelves, kitchen cabinets.
 Putting it on the risers of the stairs.

Wallpaper installation ideas
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Here, we have for you a handpicked list of stores in Delhi, NCR to get your Wall Coverings from.


We found this amazingly beautiful store in Kotla Mubarakpur (New Delhi) and instantly fell in love with their collection! Goodrich Global offers an extensive array of wall coverings to fit into any residential, commercial or retail space.
In short, “They’ve got you covered!”

Goodrich Global Wallcoverings
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With over 30 years of experience; this international chain of offices and galleries; is now within a stone’s throw from us!
They’ve got plenty of options, covering a variety of materials, colors and styles; from 3D prints to metallic hues to organic and inorganic patterns; all available at the most decent prices. And ask about customization, they’re only too glad!

Goodrich Global Wallcoverings
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So make it your go-to, because you really can’t go wrong with them!


If you want to jazz-up your space a little or add some Indian spice to it, this is the best store to head to. Aarcee Wallpapers has been leading the wallpaper market in Delhi and Gurgaon since 1984.
From subtle Beiges to deep Blues to hot Pinks and from light textures to bold patterns, their collection covers it all!

Aarcee Wallpapers
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They’ve got some of the best brands like Roberto Cavalli, Blumarine Home, Versace Wallpapers, Porsche Design Studio, Larz Contzen, Sabyasachi for Nilaya, Good Earth, Disney and Marvel Wallpapers; offering an exclusive range of metallic prints, texture prints, classic floral patterns, subtle neutral shades and traditional Indian motifs.

Aarcee Wallpapers
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So if you’re planning to add some visual interest in your house, this store is worth checking out!


Asian Paints has been our go-to for a very long time for paints and finishes. And recently, we discovered their amazing collection for Wall Coverings at MG Road, Gurgaon. Nilaya by Asian Paints offers you a mesmerizing range of Wallpapers, Wall Coverings, stickers, borders and paintable wallpapers.
Whether you like muted pastels, vibrant eye-catching hues, or textures; you’ll find almost everything imaginable here!

Nilaya Wallpapers by Asian Paints
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Add some design drama to your room with their featured collection of Wall Coverings from some of the prominent brands like Good Earth, Sabyasachi and Signatures. Whether you choose a nature inspired delicate motif, hand-painted folk art, some geometric arrangement or even the plain ones; Nilaya is bound to make a lasting impression! And the best part, they can get your designs customized!

Nilaya Wallpapers by Asian Paints
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So browse through their amazing catalogue and add a touch of elegance to your space!

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