How to style your bathroom: Tips and Tricks

It is a widely known fact that human beings spend a lot of their lifetime in the 4 walls of their home. And, most of that time spent at home goes in the bathroom!

So, to make that a great experience each time, here are some tips and tricks on how to style your bathroom for a spa like experience every time.

1. Use towels like a piece of art

It is important to give every element in your bathroom some importance. Towels can play a big role in adding and defining your space! Colours, prints, sizes and even folds! There’s so much to play around with.

2. Never forget about flower power

Flowers can add a dash of colour and beauty to your space. A pretty vase and even prettier flowers can do wonders to brighten up a generally plain space. Plants such as money plant or orchids or even succulents are best for bathroom spaces with the controlled light and air.

3. Add some art

Adding a few art pieces or framed photographs can always help spruce up the look of your washroom. This could be fashion, personal photographs or just some graphics! Visual elements in bathrooms always add an element of interest.

4. Give some reading material

One can never be sure of how long they might take, so adding a magazine rack and some reading options like magazines or comics for a light read can be a great addition to your bathroom.

5. Diffusers and essential oils

Adding a few drops of essential oil of the smell of your choice to a diffuser can help maintain a fresh and beautiful feeling in your washroom making it a happy space for you and your guests!

So these were some tips and tricks to enhance the overall look and feel of your bathrooms.

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Written by – Ms. Malvika Bhardwaj from (Editorial Team)