How to select the Right Sofa for Your Living Room

Couches and sofas are an important part of most people’s home furnishings. They are generally the main piece of furniture in living rooms and dens as they allow you to kick back and relax as well as entertain guests. It is not a bad idea to familiarize oneself with different types, materials and construction methods in sofas. So here are a few pointers to keep in mind thereby making you a more informed customer.

1. Size

Finding a sofa that fits the shape of your space is essential. There is nothing more frustrating than falling in love with a furniture piece only to realise that it cannot fit in your living room. You need to decide exactly how many people you wish to accommodate in the living room and what other furniture also needs to be added. Not all rooms are created equal. Once the seating capacity is decided you need to see that the sofa fits in comfortably. Also, consider the depth of the sofa. Another guideline is to measure the doorways to the room. You’ll want to make sure there is clearance for every piece to fit in comfortably.

2. Material

What your couch is made from will not only dictate its appearance, but also its durability and ease of cleaning. Always make sure the sofa has got a strong frame to support the seat. Its legs and base should be durable and well finished. Always ensure the sofa should be comfortable to sit on and well as to get up from.

3. Style

2020 has seen a slight change in sofa style towards small scale and versatile but it does not diminish the importance of style and luxury in any way. There are few popular styles into which sofas can be categorised. They are as follows:

A). Mid-century: features clean lines, simple legs, and a low profile. 2020 sees curvier retro sofa designs in neutral colours like gray, navy, fawn and ecru.

B). Chesterfield: features rolled arms, tufted back, and often made of leather. The way the design is crafted can either give the leather sofa a strong masculine look or a delicate and elegant one.

C). Contemporary: modern, unique, and often unconventional

D). Scandinavian: popularized by IKEA, has clean lines and is minimalistic

E). Chaise: an asymmetrical design with just one arm popularly known as a love seat.

F). Combination of mid century and ethnic: popularized by Fabindia   where we see sofas in teakwood, sheesham wood with very clean lines but still adds a feeling of being traditional.


4. Upholstery

The choice of upholstery material and colour plays a very crucial role in the aesthetics and functionality of the sofa. If your sofa will be getting used quite extensively then you need to buy a tough and durable fabric to ensure it lasts for years to come. Some popular fabric choices and their advantages are as follows.

A). Leather: Definitely gives a mature look to the living room. It instantly upgrades the room. It is a durable material and stain resistance. It definitely makes an excellent long term investment piece. Anyone loves a leather sofa/ arm chair in the study or home office area of the house.

B). Velvet: This material has always been associated with glam style interiors but now velvet is used for minimalist signature pieces as well. So we see velvet cushions, velvet accent chairs and sofas/ ottomans. Velvet seating creates a super cosy vibe because of its tactile nature and makes the place the kind where one would want to cuddle up. Velvet looks great in colours like royal blue, blush pink, emerald green, crimson, etc. Velvet is one of the decor choices that will stand the test of time.

C). Suede: This material is the most popular nowadays whether it is used in sofas or bed upholstery. Its durable, gives a sleek look and very maintenance friendly. This is comfortable on the skin and does not emit too much of heat in summers. It is available in a variety of colours and shades.

D). Cotton/Linen: This is a natural fabric, very comfortable and skin friendly in all seasons. It gives the sofa a traditional or ethnic look. It looks splendid whether it is in a solid form or printed. It is very popularly used in furniture which is a combination of mid century and ethnic. The downside is that is fades with time especially if kept next to a sunny part of the living room. Also it is not easy on maintenance as it catches stains and spots. In case a pet is in the house it can get a bit worn out. Also based on the design of the sofa cotton/linen can lose shape over time as compared to suede and leather.

5. Color

This is also a very important factor while choosing a sofa simply because a sofa being a large piece plays an important role in the appearance of the room. For example a dark color sofa can shrink a small room even more.

At times a sofa color merging with the wall makes the room larger. For example a beige wall with a beige sofa gives a spacious appearance. Additionally it gives much opportunity in adding color via decor, rugs and cushions.

There are neutral colors like beige, white, taupe, fawn, cream, gray. These days gray is indeed trending since it is sophisticated and stylish. Neutral shades help you complement other elements of the living room like rugs, lamps, decor and cushions effortlessly.

At times a statement color for a sofa is the requirement like a royal blue or a wine red or an emerald green. These colors add a sense of regalia to the room.

So go ahead and do not hesitate to integrate color into your living room using a sofa piece; just make sure it is well balanced with the rest of the elements.

So these were some important points to be pondered upon while deciding on the sofa. Make a list of all the do’s and don’ts you are particular about in the living room and we are sure Marks Dzyn can help you emerge as a winner. Please do call up at 011- 41015959 or visit our website and our interior designers will be only too glad to help you. We specialize in all kinds of interior solutions as well as modular and customized furniture.