Healing begins at home. Ditch the spa and make these changes to your home to
create an atmosphere of relaxation and comfort and see the difference…

Lets not only think about how your room looks but also on how it makes you feel.Bid farewell to the winter blues and make way for the summer sun. Remove the clutter, ditch the unnecessary stuff, replace the gloomy furniture and lift your mood. Include colours that exude vibrancy and practice self-care by making these few changes!

Make Your Entrance Clutter Free  

The entrance to our house is where we usually dump things like mail, umbrellas, keys and shoes.That chaos makes us suddenly overwhelmed and bogged down by our life and all those ‘to-do’lists. Instead of letting those subtle things get us stressed right in the beginning, hide them in chesters or artistic baskets.

Earthy Colours For Zen Effect  

Natural colours in soft tones induce a sense of calmness in the room. Use shades of grey, beige and white to create a chromatic harmony between various elements in your house. Combine these with a dominant bright colour for the balance. Get some professional help by hiring a seasoned interior decorator in Delhi.

Floor That Relaxes Your Feet  

We know parquet is the new cool. But you need soft material, else it might make you feel uncomfortable. Go with softer options like resin floor furnishing (extremely well for lofts and modern houses), soft carpets that are made of pure cotton.

Keep Electronics at Bay

Create a zen decor by replacing those electronics with simpler things. For instance, ditch the television set in your bedroom or even better, create a cupboard for it so that you can hide it. Hide the wires and make use of candles at night.

It’s not news that plants bring a soothing effect to any decor. Update your room with house plants.Even better, research about the flowers that can grow indoors ( Yes, you must have heard about the indoor plants recommended by NASA). Open up a window during the day to flush out the negativity.Add soothing sounds to the list and create your own little heaven at home. You don’t need a spa to relax when a small bubbling fountain is sitting right in your house with soothing tones from the wind chimes. For more ideas on creating the calming vibe, get in touch with our seasoned interior decorators in Delhi.