Nothing matches the warm feeling of sunshine across your face after a long, cold winter. It’s a fuel for your mental and physical health and spirits. It’s that time of the year to enjoy the sunlight while working in our homes thus using less artificial lights. So here are some ways of maintaining sufficient amount of natural light in the rooms.


Windows provide our homes with the much needed light, warmth and ventilation. There is also an advantage of placing the windows in the south direction. South facing windows capture the prevailing breeze easily. Another energy cost cutting trick to remember in window placement is that the total glassed window area should only equal to 12% to 15% of the total floor area. It is significant in maintaining optimum amount of natural light in the room. Another important factor from our team of experienced interior designers is the size which should be at least 10% of the room’s floor surface area.



Houses built decades ago used to have ventilators. This played a vital role in controlling temperature, humidity and air motion. it is important to have well-ventilated rooms both at home and in the workplace. Although they are not widely used in the current era, they provide the necessary exchange of hot and cool air in the summers thus reducing the need for artificial cooling agents; not to mention the huge amount of natural light barging in at all times.


We often underestimate the power of glass doors, but it has got various advantages other than just being aesthetic. A glass door has the ability to flood any space with the maximum amount of natural light. And that’s why areas like living and dining must have glass doors. Another benefit is that it helps to reduce energy costs and keep the need for artificial lighting at its minimum.


A skylight is something we are quite familiar with. It maybe uncommon but it is another major feature that makes a major impact in both interior design and exterior design. They increase the utility of internal spaces that require artificial lighting and ventilation. If you can have it, a skylight can allow three times more light than a vertical regular-sized window.


Window treatments have changed dramatically over the years with simpler and lighter fabrics replacing those heavy flowy drapes. Its trending now to select sheer draperies in a single panel and one pull can help you enjoy the beautiful view outside. Blinds are another popular option as they allow you to control the amount of light desired in a very easy way.

So these were some ways to let light in which our interior designers have put together and shared with you. If you need more tips and ideas to redo your home please contact us on or call us at 011-41015959. Our interior designers will be only too willing to help you with décor, modular furniture, customised furniture, branded furniture etc.