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How to get the Right Lighting for your Space

September 27, 2018
lights on top of dining table

Many times we fail to truly appreciate the power and dominance that a good lighting bestows upon our homes. Smart lighting designs not only provides illumination but also ensures that the objects that need highlighting are provided exactly that and things which we do not want to disclose are shadowed.

According to the Spruce Magazine , whilst talking about lighting it becomes indispensable to understand the three main types of lighting, i.e. ambient (for overall illumination), task (illumination of certain work zones) and accent (for lighting specific object)

Once this variety is understood, it becomes increasingly simple to come up with quality lighting.

Let’s scroll down and witness how to brighten up our houses!

pendant lights with Edison bulbs hanging from ceiling



Having an impressive living room is one of the most important factors while designing a house because that is where you entertain your guests and wish to leave an everlasting glorious impression! Lighting plays an extremely imperative role in changing a mediocre looking room to a magnificent one!

All three types of lighting play a dominant role in a living room space. The picture above is a perfect amalgamation of the three, with the cove lighting providing a splendid and warm ambience to the entire room and illuminating it in a faint glow.

The table lamps on the side tables are a quintessential example of task lights because they provide the right amount of light in case you need stronger lighting to undertake a chore.

Whereas, the astounding lighting fixture in the center of the room accentuates the beautifully done up sitting area!

Lights in Cove in a Living Room

You can even play with a set of two types of lighting as they are enough for illumination as well. The picture above depicts exactly that with the spot lights and table lamps lighting up the entire space beautifully.

 Cove Lighting in Living Room with Sofas and TV Unit


Ambient lighting is the best option for a dining room as it focuses on the dining table and a splendid fixture will surely provide the room with a character making it less monotonous. Your beautiful breakfast nook deserves all the focus and attention and hence, you can check out our previous blog to educate yourself on the latest lighting fixtures!

Dining Table with Light Fixtures on top

The pendant lights on the top of the dining table are an excellent portrayal of how the ambient lighting brings out the debonair seating.
The gravitating atomic lights are simple and sleek providing enough lighting where one can have a gala time with family and friends. It undoubtedly sets the mood right and positive.


Lights in Ceiling in Corridor

A lot of times we fail to provide smart lighting for our corridors and it is quite critical to do so as the corridor is the passage to the rest of the rooms in a house.
It does not require a lot of lights as it is just used for to and fro movement between various rooms hence, perfect ambience lights work very well. We personally love how the cove lighting on the sides is used not only to light up the area but it also acts like an accent light for the painting above!
Another lighting trend that we seemed to grow an inclination towards is the flooring lights. Not only are they something new and trending but are flawless in lighting up your steps!


Lights in Kitchen Counter

The LED lighting gives the patterned tiles on the backsplash free reign to take the center stage in the kitchen. Not only do these lights help boast about the ravishing backslash area but also provides optimum amount of illumination that one needs for proper functionality.

Modular Kitchen with Lighting at the Counter

The best part about these under-the cabinet lighting is that it blends evenly with the most unique color schemes. White and grey are difficult to merge but these warm lights do a fine job uniting the two. They add the perfect sophistication which can be provided to a kitchen space.


Lighting along the Staircase

Staircases are one of the most generically lit up spaces in a house and we are bored of seeing these spot lights on the ceiling above! Move over and get into the trendy world of unobtrusive LED lights!
You do not need a palatial, winding staircase to make your stairway look alluring. Placing those LED lights on the corners or under the steps are enough to achieve that! They provide enough illumination to guide you through the steps and also provide a rather mystical aura to the space.

Staircase Lights under the handrail

Another lighting trending that has us transfixed is the under railing lighting! Get LED lights installed in a groove inside the railing or simply put lights under the plank. Both these ideas are extremely chique and classy.


lights on wall behind bedroom

Lighting up a room smartly is quite a tricky task and one needs to pay attention to the small nook and corners that we generally miss out on. In the image above, the stunning wooden panel stands out in the sea of rich brown furniture and the grays. The LED Lighting grooved in the wooden panels provides the perfect amount of accent lighting creating a luxurious look.

Lighting in Cove behind the bedroom head board

The classy and glamorous look of a perfect bedroom is defined by the optimum use of lighting it offers. The side lamps are the essentials every bedroom requires as these are the direct or task lights. The amount of light they illuminate create a perfect environment for reading.

Cove Light above Slat Walls in Bedroom

Corner false ceiling lights are the perfect choice in case you have a beautiful bed frame or paneling going on behind your bed as they highlight the majestic features well. It also gives a light and cozy aura to the room. This sort of lighting in your bedroom will surely help you relax and tranquilize after a tiring day at work.

Continuing the beautiful harmony the niche maintains the symmetry of the entire bedroom. The warm lighting breaks the monotony by highlighting the space creating and giving it an ethereal quality.


lighting in walk in wardobe

Walk-in closets are all the rage these days due to their effectiveness and practicality. However, it becomes necessary to light it up properly to achieve maximum efficaciousness out of it. According to us, one of the most acute ways to do this is by having lights on various shelves and drawers so that each and every item present in the closet is impeccably visible.

Led Strip in Wardrobe

Most people these days have been gravitating towards usage of LED lights in their wardrobes as they are sleek and stylish and do not warm up thus keeping the items inside the closet safe. They are grooved within the wooden panels and hence, do not take up space and have no electrical points showing, making them a far more sophisticated choice.

Ambient Lighting in a Walk in Wardrobe

Having a decent ambience light is also always a good option. Having lights installed behind you dressing unit is such a good alternative to having it on the ceiling above as it provides ideal lighting for getting ready!


Lighting in a Study Unit

Lighting plays a major role when it comes to designing a study. One should get the appropriate amount of illumination and light for proper concentration. The table lamp is a must as it is the task light which caters direct lighting around the work space. The LED lighting under the shelves are more of accent lighting.

cove light under study

If you do not want too much lighting, you can use warm lighting under the cabinets which is multifunctional as it acts as a task light as well as an accent light.

Lamp on a study table

In case you are as in awe with these new and trending lighting ideas then we would love to be of further help to you! Please contact us at or you can give us a call on 011-41015959 to speak to an interior designer or leave a message at our website www.marksdzyn.com .

Do share your feedback in the comments section below or write to us at team@marksdzyn.com.

Semantika Chowdhary and Garima Sharma from Marksdzyn.com Editorial Team


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