How to effectively sanitize your home entryway!

The spread of the pandemic has made us all closely look into our hygiene habits. Not only for ourselves but for every surface of our home too! Everything requires a lot more attention to detail. Cleanliness-to a level of spotlessness has become of high importance for your own safety.

So here are some tips on how you can keep your home protected, right from the entryway of your house.

1. Clean all doors

Your door is the first point of contact for anyone, to your home. In a situation where most transactions are happening from home, there are many people who end up coming in contact with your door. That is why it is of utmost importance to start right from there!

You may sanitize your hands, take a bath, wipe your floor but you are still prone to the virus until and unless your front door is sanitized.

Rub your door with a mix of sanitizer and soap water for a few minutes keeping in mind to cover and the seams and corners of the door to make it as safe as possible for everyone around you.

2. Make sure you clean all knobs and handles

One of the most crucial yet neglected parts while cleaning the door is the doorknob. Anyone who enters or leaves your house will touch the knob. You should clean the doorknob every few hours and as soon as any person enters or leaves your house.

Even if you don’t clean the entire door, you should spray sanitizer on the doorknobs every few hours.

3. Keep Shoes outside your home

Create a shoe bin for all family members to put their shoes in at the entryway. Also set a rack outside for outsiders entering your home. The dust and dirt from outside can play a very harmful role in spreading illness inside. It not only gives your entryway a safe, sanitized spot but also looks super organized.

4. Keep sanitizer, gloves  and paper soap with water at your doorstep

Always keep a sanitizer, a bar of soap, and an extra pair of gloves on your entryway. Any person who wishes to enter the house can apply the sanitizer or use the soap to clean his hands before touching the doorknob, knocking on the door, or pressing the bell, so that your entryway is protected.


5. Keep bags outside for deliveries

It is advisable to not order anything online during the pandemic. However, you cannot avoid the essentials. Therefore, you should keep the bags for online delivery. You can keep bags on your entryway to collect milk, vegetables, newspapers, or any other item that you have bought online.

Ask the delivery person to not leave the item directly on the floor and rather to put it in the bag on your entryway. Then, remove the items from the bag and wash or sanitize those before use. (MAKE SURE YOU CLEAN THE BAG TOO!)


These are some basic tips to help feel safer in these pressing times. With these basic tips in mind, keep clean and keep safe.


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Written by – Ms. Malvika Bhardwaj from (Editorial Team)