Foyer Design Ideas

It is wisely said that, “first impression is the last impression”. However, let’s be honest, none of us takes this saying too seriously when it comes to our own houses. Foyer is the first area that one enters and this space is least thought while getting our homes designed. Though, lets face it, not everyone has a large foyer area and in most cases the entrance space is limited and thus, the designing and decor options are narrow and minimalistic. However, we have come to your rescue! If you are someone who is struggling with an unimpressive entrance, then keep on reading as we are about to disclose some very beneficial ideas which are to be kept in mind while designing your foyer!


console table with mirror on wall

All of us are guilty of cluttering our foyer area, be it with mails, letters, or newspapers. This is where a console table comes into play. It is one of the most important element in a foyer area, be it in terms of functionality or style!
You can bid adieu to all that clutter and invest in a trendy console table which acts as a style statement as well. The stone finished console tables are never out of style and are in fashion right now. Accessorize it with overhead paintings or lamps and voila, get yourself an extravagant foyer area which is definitely worthy of boasting!


white finished cabinet with upholstered seat in between

In case you are someone who is high on functionality and efficacy then having a wall cabinet is the best bet for you. Not only do they provide ample storage space but you can even play around with lighting and decoration to make them stand out. They are highly purposeful and you can even pair it up with a seating to make it even more operational.

cabinet space at foyer with lights

Rather than taking up the precious wall space, cabinets have also started playing as a divider between the foyer and the rest of the house. We love the MDF jaali in the first picture which has leveled cabinets at the bottom, perfect for storage. Whereas, the second picture is a classic example of sophistication with the wooden finishes and the pebbles at the bottom to balance it out with a more rustic effect. The spot lights bring out the show pieces perfectly, thus, providing the entire space with a niche character.

 3. WALL


Geometric design on walls

Due to the scarce design options, a trendy wall ends up playing an exceptionally imperative role in the foyer. Wallpapers are a quintessential wall option as they are highly easy to execute and exceedingly easy to pair up!

Stone Pattern on Walls

Textured or patterned concrete walls are also a good option as they provide a very unique character to an otherwise narrow space.In case you want to venture with more wall design options, do check out our last blog, where we have spoken about the latest wall trends in depth!


Console with seats below

Providing a seating in the foyer is always a practical and convenient option as it can be used to take off your shoes and stack it in a shoe rack. A lot of times, foyer also acts as a waiting area for people, for eg. a repair person. Having small couches under the console table is a good idea as you can just slide it under the table, thus saving space in an already restricted area.

shoe cabinet with seating

If you have an expansive cabinet running the length of your wall then, it is always wiser to accommodate the seating along with the cabinets only so that the space does not look too cramped. Not only is it more functional but, it also breaks the monotony of the various drawers and shelves!

brick wall exposed in foyer area with wooden flooring

Since the time Alia Bhatt’s house was designed it has been in the public eye due to its easy going character and design finesse! Her foyer area is no different. The space is exceptionally tasteful and we absolutely love how she has paired up the blue and white double doors with a single wooden bench which is so simple yet has its own uniqueness.


mirrors on wall with console in foyer area

Mirrors have always been an epitome of royalty and regality and they are such a pleasing factor when it comes to designing a foyer area! You can just have them running the length of a wall with metal strips crossing at random angles. A design as simple as that is enough to provide a magnificent look to the room. Mirrors also possess a unique character of making a space appear larger than it is.

Mirror with console below in the foyer

In case you do not wish to adorn your entire wall with mirror then you can even use it for décor! They look exceptionally classy especially when you pair them up with a spectacular frame.



wooden ceiling for foyer

Lighting is something that is not given its due even though it possesses the power to transform a room completely! Good lighting ensures that a beautifully done up room can look even more breathtaking and on the contrary an extravagantly done up space gets marred just by inadequate lighting.
False ceiling is always a terrific option as it is sophisticated as well as the cove lighting provided by it is perfect for that ambient glow!

false ceiling in foyer

You can also combine this ambient lighting with task lighting to focus on certain aspects. Pendant lights are perfect for this as they look stylish and will help you to bring your favorite show piece or vase into focus as well. .


If you are one of those lucky ones who have a massive foyer area and thus require more lighting then you can even have an extravagant chandelier to light up the room and also to beautify it with the design prowess.

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Semantika Chowdhary and Garima Sharma from Editorial Team