Five Tips to Infuse Scandinavian Theme

Scandinavian design emerged in 1950s from Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland. A design style known for their light, bright and simplicity throughout the décor. Check out these tips from our Interior Designers.

1. Color Palette

Light Pastels, Whites and Off Whites and more neutral colors with Greys, Browns and Blacks are added for contrast.

2. Use of Natural Lights

Scandinavian homes use a lot of Day Light by adding a lot of windows and glass doors. But since day light is temporary a lot of modern and straight lined light fixtures are nowadays being used by interior designers. Also adding candle light will add a touch of whimsy glow.

3. Modern Furniture and Decorative Accent

Opt for slim yet comfortable sofa with contemporary elements like wooden legs. Add a light colored chair with curved back. Create a clean room with straight lines. According to our interior designers, Scandinavian style is a very simple style, therefore choose very simple decorative accents.

4. Light Color Flooring

Lots of wooden flooring and neutral color floor are used in such theme, preferably light colors.

5. Keep The Clutter Away

Clutter free designs with clean lines and open spaces is one of the major feature of Scandinavian houses.

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