Five Tips for an Eye Catching Foyer

Foyer makes the first and best impression of a house and here we are sharing some ideas from the team of our interior designers. It is usually the entry area where you welcome your guests. This means you’ll have to make tough choices when decorating this space. Here are a few tips from our team of interior designers to help you make your foyer appealing and striking.

1. Adding Mirrors

Mirrors are so magical, small and narrow spaces can look bigger than they already are. Also, the effect of lighting with a mirror be it a pendant light or modern light chandelier can totally amplify the area.

2. Photo Frame Wall

Love the idea of a photograph wall! Our interior designers think it is an ideal way to decorate your foyer area where we can create an interesting array of snapshots of the family and friends in the best of moments. This is sure to grab the attention of your guests.

3. Eye Popping Wall Art

Another way to beautify the foyer is to display a piece of eye popping wall art which can totally enliven that empty space. It can be modern, ethnic or contemporary, anything that suits the sensibilities of the owner.

4. Accent Walls

Yet another way to recreate your foyer is to accentuate that particular wall. The accent wall will set a chic tone for all those who step inside your house. It could be a bold color paint, a textured paint, a wall paper or a wooden paneling. Certainly one cannot go wrong with this idea.

5. Adding Furniture

The last way in which a foyer can be done is to just put it to use! Let it serve in an organized way like a console or a stylish shoe rack. This will be two fold -utility as well as style! One can also place accent chairs in that area with well matched paintings.

So these were various ways by our interior designers in which the entrance to your home can be accentuated. Someone rightly said, the first impression is the last impression!

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