Five Ideas To Zone Out The Living And Dining Area

No rules can be followed when it comes to separating the living room from the dining area. Yet our interior designers feel that demarcating an area for general entertainment from the dining in a subtle manner in an open floor plan becomes a priority for most of the home owners. Do go ahead and look up these ideas to zone out these spaces:

1. Partitions

Partitions are considered as one of the conventional ways of creating division. One of the major advantages of such partitions is that they are solid and look rich and elegant. They can either be made of wood or PVC or concrete. Partitions, in view of our interior designers can also be created in a way to showcase decorative items and at the same time offer the privacy needed.

2. Furniture Pieces

Placement of furniture can play an important role when it comes to dividing the spaces in an open floor plan. May be placing a console behind a sofa can act as a partition as well as give storage in style.

3. Break With Colors

Another brilliant idea by our deisgners is to separate living area with dining is breaking the zones with colors. Keeping a separate color palette for dining and living areas would zone out the areas in style making it look aesthetically good.

4. Ceiling Treatments

A sophisticated ceiling can create distinct zones in a stylish way. This is a very subtle way of distinguishing the dining from the living. It makes the rooms look larger and more alluring.

5. Using Rugs

Area Rugs are a smart inclusion in any wide open space. Large rugs can be used to define spaces without installing any physical barrier. This adds aesthetic appeal to the rooms.

We hope you find these ideas informative and inspiring. Our team of interior designers at Marks Dzyn is continually ideating to create unique and beautiful homes for our customers.
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