False Ceiling Designs for a simple and stylish home

You pull out an interior picture from an Architectural Digest or a Vogue Living, and there are False Ceilings adorning the most stylish of homes. A Ceiling is a very important element of an interior and more often than not, is lacking in design and under-appreciated. A good false ceiling design needs to blend with your walls, the furniture, the flooring and with you too. It needs to add the right pizzazz to your interior. We have put together 9 strikingly brilliant false ceiling designs, with some useful tips you need to consider while designing and choosing your ceiling design.

1. False Ceiling with Inside Coves

Bedroom is Coves on Sides and lighting on coves

Side Cove False Ceiling Design with cove lighting is one of the oldest and safest bets when it comes to false ceiling designs. It can be incorporated anywhere in the house ranging from living room to bedroom to even your bathrooms! They are extremely easy to execute and provide the room with a very warm and cozy feel. You can have spot lights installed in a straight line manner and it will visually give your space a longer than usual look.

2. False Ceiling with Wall Facing Coves

Cover Lights in False Ceiling, Bedroom and Bathroom Pictures

One of the current trends with respect to false ceiling designs is cove lighting on the sides. You can have a POP ceiling in the entire room and just leave grooves at the ends and have LED lights installed. This design is stylish and modern and provides a warm look to the room. It ensures that the lights are not very glaring and sharp, but the space is engulfed in an incandescence which is muted and at the same time provides sufficient lighting.

3. Coffered False Ceiling

There has been an increase in demand for temple/ puja room designs in residences. A lot of time designers face a problem to come up with something extraordinary but at the same time simple enough to provide the spirituality and piousness that a temple demands.
The best solution to fix this problem is a good false ceiling design. The coffered false ceiling design has an unparalleled regality to it in comparison to other designs. It provides the space with a very rich look which is exactly what a temple needs as it is smaller than other rooms in a residence and cannot be decorated to a very large extent. Coffered false ceiling comes in various patterns. You can go for the usual boxes or can have other geometric patterned beams installed. In our case we love the false ceiling design in the picture above!

4. Tray False Ceiling

Living room with furniture and false ceiling in tray shape

The tray false ceiling design is another trending ceiling design that has been doing the rounds lately. Easy to be installed as it is just a POP structure, it gives a chic look to your living room. This particular design has recessed LED lighting and focuses a lot on providing sufficient lighting to a space which according to us is its best feature as you do not need to have a lot of lighting fixtures which cover up your walls! You can have simple furniture with this design set up because anyway, your stylish ceiling is going to steal away all the attention!

5. Tray False Ceiling with Recessed Groove

Formal Living Room with Furniture, and False Ceiling

This false ceiling design is another form of tray false ceiling with recessed lighting. This design has more grooves for more lights so if you are someone who is looking to light up their house then this is the perfect option for you. You can have LED lights in these recessed gaps in order to constraint all the lights to the ceiling only and play around with more design elements with your wall.

6. POP Rafters in Ceiling

Bedroom with Bed, Cushions, Window, Curtains and Rafters in Ceiling

Thought rafters could only be wooden? Think again because they can be done with POP as well and trust us, they are equally stylish and sophisticated! This recessed warm lighting on the false ceiling will surely provide your room with a cozy vibe.

7. Wallpaper on False Ceiling

Study Room, Window, White Walls, Wallpaper on Ceiling

Wallpaper on the ceiling is officially a design trend this year and we are definitely not complaining! Exceptionally easy in terms of execution, this ceiling trend just requires beams running the length of the room with fancy wallpaper in the centre to give it that character. In case you do not want to focus a lot on your furniture, then this trend is a life saver as the ceiling is enough for that aura!

8. Wooden Ceiling

Alia Bhat Room, Reading Corner, Bookcase, Wooden Rafters on Ceiling

Wooden rafters have been a style statement since years and it is not going out of fashion anytime soon! In case you are bored with the POP designs and want to venture into something else then this is a great alternative. It imbibes in the room a very rustic and natural look but does not take away the sophistication from it.

In the picture above you can see, ace designer Richa Bahl, while designing Alia Bhatt’s house ensured that she provided a cozy corner if she just wanted to unwind by the window or if she wanted to spend time with her family and friends, and the rafters on top give the space the right warmth and vibe.

wooden ceiling with led light, soafs in the corner of the house

Mix up wood, LED lights and some acrylic and you have the perfect amalgamation of classy and chic. The LED lights running the length of the wooden false ceiling provide perfect lighting for that cozy reading corner or that cup of tea with the morning newspaper. The grooves for lighting in the plank are a highlighting feature and also leave the cove area free for an air conditioning vent.

living room with furniture, ceiling is wooden mixed with white pop false ceiling

POP and wood can go hand in hand as well for a cozy atmosphere. You can have a POP false ceiling design with wooden planks in the centre rather than just having the old ceiling peeping through in between. They look picturesque without making the room look unpolished.
You can either have them just on the ceiling or can even go for a design concept like the second picture where the wooden beams run from the wall till the ceiling.


If you like traditional Indian work, then going for a traditional patterned wooden lattice work is also a great alternative. This wooden false ceiling design along with sleek, modern furniture is also a perfect concoction for achieving a contemporary look for your house.

9. Glass False Ceiling

The sort of elegance that a glass provides is unmatched. You can have frosted glass along with wooden frames on the side to achieve this look. The frosted glass pattern compliments the muted colors of the wall and the dark wooden frame gives richness to the entire space.

Glass in False Ceiling with design

You can even go for a tinted patterned glass with a wooden frame in the centre of the room with lights installed inside just like in the picture above. Have spot lights on the sides to give a more alluring effect to the space.

In case you are looking for a change for your ceiling then you can take inspiration from some of these ideas mentioned above. Incase you like any of these ideas or would like to explore more, then you can give us a call at 011-4101 5959 to schedule a free consultation for your residence space or visit www.marksdzyn.com

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Semantika Chowdhary and Garima Sharma from Marksdzyn.com Editorial Team