Can’t sleep well? Believe it or not, but a room design, aesthetics, and lighting go a long way to get you a good night’s rest.

Nearly 43 percent population around the world has sleeping disorders. Maybe it’s time to rethink that bedroom decor with help from an interior designer. So, get inspired by these ideas to make sure you sleep better and live healthy.

Splurge on the Mattress  

A good mattress is a must if you want a good night sleep. And today the choice for a mattress is enormous. So, make sure you try as many before you buy. There are Therapeutic mattresses which are ergonomically designed as per human body, and Coir Ones which support every part of the body, and so on. Do not settle for anything less than perfect. Choose the right mix of firm and soft.

Light up Right  

Use soft, ambient lights for night time. The logic is simple— our minds respond to ambient light. Warm hues, like that of a sunset, tell the body to sleep. Brighter lights trick the mind into staying awake longer. Also, try to create a reading nook in your bedroom. It can be comforting to have a few shelves dedicated for your books.

Pick the perfect palette  

Cool colours like white, blues, green and light greys are ideal for reduced heart rate, low blood pressures, and other respiratory problems. Save the browns and warmer ones for your modular kitchen or the lobby. Muted shades of blue and green are more likely to help you sleep.

Power in a Pillow  

Does your pillow align with your spine? Which pillow should you use if you sleep on your back? Oh well, yes, those choices matter. For instance, if you sleep on your back, use a medium-firm pillow. And those of you who like to sleep with a side view (which incidentally is true for half of the population) you might have to choose a firm pillow with some loft (thickness). Choose that pillow wisely.

Ditch the carpets  

Ask any interior designer, they will always guide against the use of floor carpets in the bedroom. Carpets trap dust, which disrupts sleep.

It is time to get your sleep fixed with these simple bedroom design and decor ideas. Get comfortable. Because you deserve it.

Get in touch with an interior designer (Hint!) today and change the design of your bedroom using these simple redecoration ideas.