Coral is the Color of 2019

Every year a color has dominated our lives be it the rose quartz or a deep mustard. Color indeed plays a very important role in our lives unknowingly. According to the Pantone Color Institute, ‘living coral’ is the hue for 2019 and it “embodies our desire for playful expression,” as well as “our innate need for optimism and joyful pursuits.” We at Marks Dzyn feel this is definitely a color which can be included in our interiors in myriad ways. Read on to see how we can use this pretty combination of red and orange in our homes.

Design 1# Accent wall

Never mind the rest of the walls, just one wall can do the magic. Living coral is a deep shade so it makes its impact very fast. The dining room can suddenly have so much cheer and character with this color and is a great conversation starter too!

Design 2# Accent ceiling

Alright you cannot change the color of the walls but how about painting the ceiling coral? This can just elevate the look of the room literally!!! This color would look beautiful in a nursery of a little girl. Match with blush toned furniture and you have a serene and sophisticated room!

Design 3# Cushions and throws

Decorate sofas and armchairs with cushions of coral prints. They brighten up any seating area and create a happy atmosphere. This color matches very well specifically with grey and slate furnishings. A similar colored throw adds warmth to this seating.

Design 4# Rug rage

2019 is all about getting creative with your floors. There is a plethora of rugs and carpets to choose from with designs ranging from geometric, layered, patterned so as to make a strong design statement. A coral rug does just that. It gathers the room together with its mellowness and soft resonance and at the same time is not overbearing!

Design 5# Coral crockery

Finally food is the celebration of life. Enjoy your desserts and beverages in this splendid coral stoneware. Coral tableware looks so alluring, just makes dining a more memorable and enjoyable experience. What an easy and attractive way to embrace the living coral!

These were some of the ways we thought you could enjoy the coral color in 2019. For further suggestions on home designing and interiors do visit our website or call us at 011-41015959. We would love to help your dreams come true!

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