We all agree that the year 2020 was the most tumultuous one to say the least and all levels imaginable. What helped us pull through the year were endurance, strength and optimism. The colors chosen by Pantone, Ultimate gray and Illuminating yellow flash exactly these sentiments. 2021 is a year to gather ourselves together, pick up the pieces and be hopeful about going forward. And for our team of Interior Designers that means letting those colors into your homes.

1. Living Room

The color gray is a perfect choice as it the quintessential contemporary neutral. An illuminating yellow partner definitely complements well. So try infusing yellow in the form of a center table or cushions or a lamp. With a gray backdrop it is easy to add these elements. Accessorize with yellow trays, framed floral prints and décor items.

Well, let us say you want to give the gray and yellow an equal chance then the upholstery can be in two shades or in dual tones like the above picture. The two shades work in harmony and are pleasing to the eye, according to our team of interior designers.

2. Bedroom

Here is an elegant bedroom with mainly gray as the primary color. It has white furniture and yellow has been added to add that pop of color with just one yellow dresser. The natural light pouring in truly adds glory to the room. The gray does not look staid here although it dominates in this room.

The above bedroom has been accentuated with subtle gray and yellow floral wallpaper. This adds freshness to the room. The side wall has been painted gray and the rest of the furniture has been kept muted. There are other colors in the room but the main colors remain very much visible and apparent.

3. Washrooms

Today our washrooms are as important to us as our bedrooms. It is our private space. You don’t have to be a color purist to make a washroom bright. Here is a washroom designed and executed by us, showing how we can add yellow to the washrooms.

Use tiles that are subtle in color but add a bright color like the bas relief one in this case. You cannot call this loud or jarring nor can it be termed as insipid. This looks clean and pure and interesting.

Another very subtle way is by keeping the washroom primarily gray and white and adding a colorful shower curtain. It can add that bit of brightness to the shower area.

3. Kitchens

This is indeed an avenue to infuse not only aromas and flavors but also colors and textures. A yellow in a kitchen definitely makes it look attractive and more appealing, or if one is not fond of too many colors you can just opt for a yellow panel on top or a mild yellow backsplash. Certainly gray kitchen cabinets look very elegant.

Last but not the least one can always rely on décor. Think illuminating yellow and gray trays and lamps and cushions covers. A bright yellow table cloth can liven up the room. Yellow and gray patterned curtains add zest to the room. Add yellow tableware to the kitchen or dining area.

So these were a few ideas on how to embrace the color of 2021 in a ‘homely’ way. If you need more ideas on home interiors or furniture or designing please contact us on www.marksdzyn.com or call us at 011-41015959. Our experienced team of interior designers will be glad to assist you.