After living through quite possibly the most unbelievable year ever, we look back on a year in which we battled a global pandemic, illness, economic distress and social upheaval.

Pantone announced two colors as the color of the year 2021, an Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow. The selection of these two independent colors fervently gives a message of strength and hopefulness which is essential to the human spirit. The year 2020 was indeed a year with uncertainty and loss but it also led us to a path of ingenuity and inventiveness. We found an alternative to so many things ranging from schooling, work from home, living harmoniously indoors and much more. We cannot deny that we did make ourselves flexible to adapting to our new and more fragmented lifestyle.

While gray can be associated with being a solid and stable color and braving all odds, a yellow symbolizes hope and happiness and joy something which we learnt to find even in the smallest and simplest of things. It is like a winter and spring whereby winter always turns to spring representing infinite hope.

So do expect these colors to make a foray in the textile, furniture, fashion, interiors, accessory and technology trends. Do watch this space for incorporating these two beautiful colors in your home.

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