Color of the Year 2020: Classic Blue

Color definitely plays an important role in interior design. Colors can completely transform a room, set the mood,tone and general ambience of the room. The American company Pantone has chosen ‘classic blue’ as color of the year 2020. Classic blue is a restful color that brings a sense of peace. There is something so eternal about blue not attaching itself to any gender or season making both accessible and desirable for people of all walks of life. Reassuring faith and clarity of thought is expressed by pantone’s latest choice .Depending on how it is utilised , it can enliven and enriched homes in myriad ways. Marks Dzyn has come up with various ideas of bringing the classic blue to your house.

1. Walls                     

Classic Blue is a very rich and reliable color and can be used in every room. It’s a great choice when teamed up with neutral colored walls like white and light grey which would add a touch of softness to the dramatic blue. We can simply just paint the walls light blue. Alternately, a classic blue wall paper would also be a good choice.

2. Upholstery

Dress up your wardrobe with the 2020 color upholstery. One cannot go wrong with a blue sofa since it matches with almost all kinds of walls giving a unique pop to your living room.This color would look splendid on dining chairs whether its modern or contemporary.

3. Accessories

Include eye popping accent to your rooms by adding this shade of blue to your accessories like a classic blue leather tray on the centre table. One can display a typical blue pottery vase on a console. Not to mention of course blue crockery in drinkware and dinnerware. The children’s room can large blue cushions and clocks. We can also include decor pieces like lamp shades, paintings, artifacts.
All of the above accessories would lend a dramatic effect to your interiors.

4. Wardrobes and Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchens and Wardrobes in blue will be trending in 2020. Classic Blue cabinets would be a great idea to add a little pop to a kitchen which you otherwise want to keep quiet. Even wardrobes can be blue in either the children’s room or a blue bookcase in the family room. Whatever be the layout of the kitchen this color will definitely go well. So do not hesitate and just ahead and paint the town red with classic blue!!

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