Caring for your Carpets

We all know that New Years’ is round the corner and everybody is trying to do their bit in home cleaning taking care of every aspect of every room. It is that time of the year which is festive and auspicious. People are gearing up for weddings, farm house gatherings, family parties and the quintessential Lodhi Garden Picnic. So a sparkling home is the first on our list of priorities. Caring for our carpets, dhurries and rugs becomes an essential aspect of cleaning. Listed here are a few tips to help you with this arduous task.

1. Vacuum your carpets regularly to prevent accumulation of too much dust. Depending on the type of carpet, use a vacuum cleaner with a rotating bar or suction only.

2. Get professional cleaning done every 12- 18th months keeping in mind the dust and pollution level in India. For those who have pets, a thorough cleaning is imperative. This cleaning will increase the longevity of your carpets. After all we have invested in an expensive carpet and would want it to look that way !

3. Use scissors to snip off tags and loose ends. Don’t pull at them, they will invariably get damaged.

4. A very important rule is to remove stains immediately with a damp cloth. Don’t let spills remain for a long time because that will make the stain more stubborn and harder to remove.

5. Cotton rugs can be hand washed and dried in the shade. They can be soaked in salt the first time for the color to not run out. Subsequent washes can be without salt and only soapy solution.

6. Never place heavy furniture on carpet or they will leave dents. If at all a dent has formed by a leg of a table or chair, do stroke the dented area with the edge of a coin.

Hope the above tips help you keep your floors looking clean and flawless. This will also be helpful as the winters are setting in and who would not want their home to look cozy and warm without the guilt of not having freshly cleaned carpets. So here’s to happy cleaning and enjoying the festive season!

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