An insider on Alia Bhatt’s new apartment in Juhu, Mumbai- designed by the very famous interior designer Richa Bahl

A beautifully streamlined house can be the ideal place to be at the end of a busy day. Just like the different roles Alia Bhatt plays in her movies, variety and versatility is the key feature upon which Alia Bhatt’s house stands. The interior design of each and every corner and the pieces of furniture in the rooms reflect her personality. The rooms have been designed keeping in mind the unconventional nature and the cool attitude of the millennial star. The color palette of the house are hues of beige and white along with large windows with lot of ventilation. Extensive use of printed tiles can be seen along with white brick walls. Warm lighting provides an invisible support.

Each room has a story to tell. So shall we begin?

A sneak peek into the interior design journey of Alia Bhatt’s house.

The Entrance

An entrance with blue door, a wood chair on left and a brick white wall in the passage

The busy life never stops for anybody but all we need to do at times is just take a break and sit down. The white brick wall expresses that there is perfection in imperfection as the blue vintage entrance and the custom made bench go hand in hand. The color scheme used is very bold and classic; sure to give you a déjà vu every time one walks through these doors.

You too can add exposed brickwork to your house. A touch of brickwork to a lounge or a study area create the right look for a casual and elegant ambience.

The Living Area

It’s a living room with a casual setting. It inspires conversations and story-telling, and yet keeps you rooted in the present. It is sophisticated as much as it has got a carefree feel. The color scheme of the living room is refreshing and pleasant for the eye. The one-seater leather sofa, the cushioned bench and the very modern looking three seater sofa are seen as the key features which focus on maintaining the tranquility of the space. Richa Bahl has created a very cozy and welcoming living room for Alia Bhatt where she can have a get- together with her loved ones to make merry. It’s a perfect getaway from all the complications of life. Just love the classy ensemble of the patterned flooring, the chandelier in the corner and the cute wordplay on the wall!

Creating the right eclectic ensemble requires some effort. You too can do it but ensure that all the pieces weave together like an art piece. If you love to travel, then do put some of your travel artifacts as part of this ensemble.

The Relaxing Corner

House Corner with a mattress & some decors. Good use of colours

The use of warm colours with patterned flooring gives it a welcoming look. It’s the corner for joy and creating memories. It’s a “just kick off your shoes and fall on the couch” kind of space. This area can be treated as a reading nook or an area where she can read her scripts or just relax.

You can chose a window Sil in your bedroom or the lounge to create a Reading Nook. You can add a book shelve to further add to the character.

The Modular Kitchen

Modular Kitchen with pastel green cabinets, pattern flooring

Once in a while you come across a movie where all acts are just perfectly blended. Everything flows. That’s what makes it Oscar worthy, isn’t it? Now, look at this modular kitchen. What a fusion! Brilliant? Yes! We definitely think so. The intense role of the flooring, the calming and relaxing cabinet colors and the nature like symmetry creates the perfect plot. They say an interior design is a culmination of the resident’s personality and the designer’s vision. We feel so proud of Alia Bhat the superstar and Richa Bahl, the very famous interior designer for putting this look the way it should be.

Take inspiration from the combination of the intense floor and the calm cabinet color.

The Dressing Room

Dressing Room with mirror, shoes, brown & patterned flooring

One cannot move forward without checking out the dressing room in Alia Bhatt’s house. The dressing table is the most attractive feature here. The flashy lights around the mirror create attention and lets you pamper yourself and because, hey, why not? The flooring, walls and the door maintain the serenity while the unique dressing table expresses the insanity.

The Footwear Section

Alia Bhatt sitting on box of shoes in her footwear corner

The famous interior designer Richa Bahl has cleverly used different shades of white and has let Alia add color. This corner in the dressing room has been specially created for the unique, collection of footwear that the star acquires from all over the world. The shelves are quite simply fixed with an exposed brickwork backdrop. However, the subtle floor print adds the right amount of character to make this space look unique and so Alia like!

The Walk-in Wardrobe

Room with some pair of shoes on brown cheque floor

Being classy is not something which you can learn. It is a way of living and its best when its effortless. The flooring gives an effect of a carpet with warm colors along with the mirror wardrobe which brings the room to life. The room awaits a million selfies when she’s looking her best as well as the minor breakdowns, the adorning for big events and award functions as well as the sleepovers with her best friends.

Dining Table with assorted chairs in a cozy cabin

The eclectic use of wood on the rafters, table and assorted chairs gives the dining area a feel that we are sitting cozy in a beautiful mountain cabin. So a perfect place for lunches and dinners with family and friends.

These celebs are trend setters in not just the fashion world. They influence people at every level. Everybody wants an insight into their lives. Doesn’t the new house look perfect for the rising star as it displays her young and vibrant side? Do let us know your comments and observation on the email below.

Garima Sharma from Editorial Team –