So what has been trending so far in 2018 in home and interior designs? Let us look at some latest home and interior design trends ranging from the bold colors & prints, floor & ceiling, upholstery & much more!

1. Color Palette

Are you confused as to what color would be suitable for your living room or bedroom? We totally sympathize with you as that is the most important aspect while designing a room. However, we are certain that looking at the aesthetically pleasing pictures above you must have gathered that green is the latest in home design, the most trending color at the moment. Available in a variety of shades and highly easy to accessorize with those tropical prints,home plants, other bold colors, or just wooden furniture, it brings an airy and natural aura to any space which is greatly required in your hustling metropolitan city life. Green is truly the most evergreen color! (pun totally intended!)

Bye yellow, welcome mustard! 2016 & 2017 saw the fresh splurge of sunny yellow everywhere, but that has been replaced by the earthy and deep mustard and in latest home designs. This is a color that is not only bold and rich in its appeal but ties in a very alluring manner with any other color, be it a light pastel shade or a dark olive green or sea blue.

Skip your basic neutral shades of beige and white and experiment with dusty rose or greige this year and put it together with earthy or classy furniture designs, whatever suits your style.


Wall paintings are Timeless, but this year color blocking has been the latest home design trend. Besides, adorning your walls with pictures, make your walls picturesque by color blocking this 2018. According to GoodHomes Magazine, give your rooms a new personality by mixing up various colors and geometric patterns. Neutrals have taken a back seat with people not only using complimentary or pastel shades on their walls but also clashing them with block and bold colored furniture. If you are feeling a bit brave, then you can even use this upcoming trend in your bed room or study by substituting those bold colors with pastels.


Patterned tiles have been the latest in home design this year. Skip those boring colored terrazzo tiles and opt for a bolder shade or pattern to spruce up your kitchen or dining room area with a bit more color and pair it up with pastel furniture to bind the entire space together beautifully.
In the above picture, you can see Richa Bahl’s effortless styling in modular kitchen in Alia Bhatt’s kitchen space, which has black and white laid out patterned tiles on the floor with mint cabinets, which pulls the whole space in a stylish and easy to execute manner.

Renovating the bathroom to make it a bit more pleasing has been everyone’s agenda in the last few years and if you are one of them, we will provide you with the latest, stylish solution in home interior design. Just enhance this space by using patterned tiles, either in your shower area or near your wash basin as that is enough to provide it with the necessary interest.
These unique tiles are just not restricted to the floor. You can even spice up your boring kitchen by adding Athese colored or textured tiles to the backsplash.


According to Elle Décor, “It’s easy to gravitate toward the usual suspects like wood but branch outside of your comfort zone”. Metal bodied furniture has been replacing wood lately. This could be due to the fact that hard wood is much more expensive or people are just turning more conscientious towards nature, either way we are in love with this latest home interior trend!

Stone finished console tables in your lobby or dressing units in your room can act as the element of highlight in your home interiors and no one can pass by these pieces without a second glance. Say goodbye to copper and welcome brass in your home interiors. Latest home design trends has seen an upswing in the brass finish with more and more people opting for it as it provides chique and sophistication.

For your centre or side table, opt for a two or three tiered table as seen in the picture above as they are quite trending for home interiors at the moment.


It’s all about playing with colors this year. Mix up your wooden floor and rustic wooden furniture with sofas in cool pastel colors or bring a new edge to your room by pairing up your dark furniture and tiles with a pop of mustard. Rather than upholstering your sofa or chair in various prints, add a few patterned cushions to bring a pop of character.

Tropical print in bedding is a trend which is still going strong since last year. So if you are looking to change the look of your room, zest it up with some cool quilts or pillows in this print as it will give a lush look to your room and look beautiful against those pastel walls.


We have seen a massive popularity in the use of pendant lights in various geometric shapes this year mainly in the dusty rose and brass color. It provides a simple living room or bedroom a quirky character while keeping the sophistication factor intact.

Want to bring a new vibe to your living room? Replace that old, rusty chandelier with the new atomic lights. This sort of lighting has spread like wild fire in the current year, with people using it in various areas of the living room, either as a main chandelier or to light up that corner nook for reading.

Multiple bulbs in brass or copper colors is another lighting trend which we have noticed to be on the rise, owing to the fact that it instills a moody aura in the room by providing just the right amount of light.

Copper plated Edison light


Patterned ceilings are the latest in the home interior design industry. You can balance out the quirkiness of this feature by combining it with subtle furniture to mute out its effect, thus highlighting the ceiling further. We at Marks Dzyn have been using a lot of these designs in our projects. It’s fun to work on these concepts and they look really nice once designed and executed properly.

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Semantika Chowdhary and Garima Sharma from Editorial Team