5 Interior Design Trends of 2019

We are in November and soon it will be time to bid adieu to this wonderful current year. 2018 will soon become a memory. It will be time to ring in the new and ring out the old. As we prepare to say goodbye to some trends and colors of 2018 , it is also time to welcome fresh ideas and thoughts which would be trending in 2019. Here are 5 upcoming interior design trends of 2019 compiled by our team.

Design #1 : Characteristic ceilings

As much as we look at the flooring in our homes, the ceilings also attract much attention. Move on from white ceilings to more interesting ones. Break the monotony by options such as a patterned paint, mirror work to get that royal look, wallpaper in intriguing designs and glasswork. Such a room with a characteristic ceiling can make it look and feel resplendent. So why not start 2019 making you feel majestic !

design on ceiling

wallpaper on ceiling

Design #2. Beautiful Whites with a dash of pastels

For those who are still loyal to the white color and think white is indeed the best, matching it with pastel shades in various forms would add class. For example, muted shades of pink, fawn, blue, grey, griege can be added in furniture, drapes, upholstery, furnishings and décor. Light shades definitely exude peace and tranquility in the homes.

Design #3: The Charm of Patterns.

2019 is definitely emphasizing patterns, patterns and patterns. A pattern adds glamour and zing to a wall, floor, room etc. Infuse patterns in a bathroom with Turkish design wall tiles. Let an ikkat inspired chest of drawers do the talking. Sometimes a patterned wall paper can be a conversation starter! A monochrome white kitchen looks perfect with a patterned colorful floor.

Design #4. Be eco friendly Go green

Our duty towards the environment is unfailing. We must constantly strive to be eco friendly in all aspects of our living. Let our interior design also resonate that. Keep plants in the house as décor pieces. Greenery can add as much beauty as a painting or a mantelpiece. Keep greens in decorative planters matching the room theme. Arrange these in various ways, levels so to as to enhance the look of the room. This is one way of maintaining our harmony with nature.

Design #5. Light wood floors

Another trend which will dominate 2019 and is already so popular is wooden flooring. Wood inspired tiles have become the order of the day. Not only does it have natural charm, it is very durable for any occasion. It can be pleasing to the eye in any season. So if you are looking at changing floors, u know what will be a good choice. They come in various patterns like chevron or shiplap to name a few. Be it in kitchen or verandah or bedroom a wood floor looks splendid.

So these were 5 trending ideas for 2019. So if you are looking to design or renovate your home and want it to be different from the conventional ones do call us up on 011-41015959 or contact us at www.marksdzyn.com and our interior designers will only be too pleased to assist you.

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