5 Tips to Beautify your Kitchen

Bigger is not better always when we are talking kitchens. Small kitchens are usually more efficient to work in than larger ones. Since this space is so practical and utilitarian, people generally get a decorators block. But fret not, see below 5 small kitchen design ideas to keep this busy workstation attractive as well as organized.

1. Invest in pretty and practical tools to design your small kitchen

Firstly, follow this tip of incorporating your everyday kitchen tools in your kitchen décor. This not only brings warmth and character to your kitchen but also minimizes on décor clutter because these displayed items are serving a dual purpose. So when you are buying items like mugs, jars, cutting boards, trays, pitchers make sure they are of an excellent quality so they can serve both purposes. That way you have a pretty and functional kitchen. For example, you can place fruits on a cake stand to use less space in addition to adding color to the kitchen counter.

 2. Beautify with greens or florals

potted plants on kitchen shelf

As much as it sound cliché adding a bit of green here and there can simply add so much beauty to your kitchen. Let it be potted herbs or a bunch of seasonal blooms, these are definitely very pleasing to the eye. It surely has the capacity to make your small kitchen alluring.

plants on kitchen slab

 3. Select character pieces to design your small kitchen

small character pieces in kitchen

Add pieces of storage or utility that have a character and story to tell like a vintage wooden bowl, woven baskets, wrought iron stand, lazy susan to name a few. These give a sense of conviction to your kitchen so to say and at the same time not looking to traditional. These look apt in a small kitchen setting because they all definitely belong here! If you cannot put them on the counter top place it on top of the kitchen cabinets to give it beauty.

 4. Add Artwork

If you cannot accommodate green plants in your kitchen, then small framed botanical prints can do the job. Collect small foliage prints and put them together on any bare wall or cabinet sides. Alternately one can dry leaves and get them framed. Watercolor prints can look beautiful in an all white kitchen.

paintings on wall

5. Keep It Simple

All said and done a kitchen needs to kept clean and simple and that’s where its beauty lies. Make sure your counter tops are clutter free and have only the essentials neatly and aesthetically arranged. The less the clutter the more inviting it is for you and your guests. Ensure the décor items are placed with the right discretion. You don’t want to remove all that décor just because you have to bake a cake!  As they say, if you can organize your kitchen you can organize your life!

paintings on brick wall

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