De-clutter. Pare Down. Clean up. Are those words ruining your weekend just because your bedroom looks like a total mess? Well, let’s use some tips to make more storage room for your bedroom. It’s not about getting rid of your stuff when you can make room for more. Here’s how!


Hack #1

Use the Headboard

Storing those small items in your room is the biggest hassle that all of us face on an everyday basis because generally they do not have a fixed place for storage and we keep on placing them at odd, random corners in the room. We have found an easy, old trick to overcome this problem.

Books, framed photos, lamps and what not— the headboard is practically one place that fits everything that looks scattered otherwise. Buy shelved headboards that have enough room for your little something.

They do not need to cover the entire wall behind your bed. Now-a-days there are various designs available. You can have them at levels just like the picture above or in case you do not want to display certain products to everyone, you can even have storage space on the side of the bed rather than the front.

Another small bedroom storage idea that has been doing the rounds in the market lately is the dual purpose headboards. In case your bed is placed in the centre of the room, you can use the back of the headrest to store your clothes as it provides ample space.

Hack #2

Using Everything You Got!

Literally, use every corner of the room as a piece of art. Those bedside tables can be used for simple things like reading light, watches, books, knick knacks. Wait, are you using the windows yet? Using windows as a means of storage is a very smart move that you can adopt. Why don’t you place those indoor plants by the window so that you can use the rest of the space for footwear!

It can even double up as a bookshelf and store all your book collection or can simply be used for decorative purposes as well.

Having a window seat is a great alternative as it utilizes space and you do not need to place a couch in the room thus, increasing circulation space. Yet another bedroom storage idea is to double up the window seat as a drawer and store your belongings in it.

Hack #3

Organize those drawers

Storing our clothes in an effective and efficient manner is one of the hardest chores that we face an everyday basis. If your drawers look like a jumbled mess of clothes, sort it now! Don’t think you are saving space there. Placing clothes in an organized way not only help you to save space but also help you to find a particular piece of clothing better as all of us are guilty of losing that favorite t-shirt in a messy pile.

This is where compartments come into play. Divide up your wardrobe into various sections and allocate each space to a different item of clothing so that everything is neat and organized.

You can even use shelves and compartments for storage which can in turn act as a divider to segregate your bedroom and dressing area. Getting the wardrobe space right is an even harder tasks for a kids bedroom. Children grow fast and the clothes sizes change more rapidly than the seasons! Do look up our article on Kids Bedroom Design to find out more on how to design a kid’s room.

Hack #4

Basket the Extras

When you don’t know where to keep your bed sheets, extra throw pillows, rugs, etc, use small metal baskets with a wooden cover at the foot of the bed. They look chic and keep the extras together. These baskets can be of various shapes and sizes to give an ambiguity to the whole setting thus giving it character. They can also be used as side tables to store your everyday items of use or just for decorative purposes.

You can also implement the use of small bamboo baskets to throw in those extra rugs. These can just be placed in a corner of the room thus giving it warmth.

In case you have a small couch or bench in the corner of your room, make it comfortable with those extra pillows and stack wooden boxes with various items under it.

Get yourself a small rustic wardrobe in case you have an empty corner and use wooden boxes in those open shelves to give the look of a creative drawer.

Hack #5

Accessorize Accessories

Use the dressing drawers for stuff other than just jewellery. There are DIY ways to display your jewellery. You can use wire mesh to display your earrings to create a bohemian look or a wooden branch with hooks to hang your jewellery. They look decorative but add a character to the room as well.

Another bedroom storage idea to keep the clutter out of sight. Use slick drawers to store your stuff. And organize smart!

Small hooks over a wall can be used for placing your hats, jewellery or bag. You can even get wooden or metallic shelves to store items like perfume bottles.


To keep your dressing table clutter free, small jars can be used to fill up and store all the daily cosmetics or moisturizers.

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Garima Sharma and Semantika Chowdhary from Editorial Team