Your child is going to spend a lot of their time in their bedroom, so makes all the sense in the world to make it right. Isn’t it ? Well for starters, ask the child what s/he wants. It’s a lot of fun hearing them talk about it! “The door has to be that Batman Door, and the room needs to have a camping place, lots of mattresses to a jump on – yea – a trampoline – sure, how ‘bout a pool puddle (ofcourse). We wish we could give our kids a wonderland for a room. We did some research, and have come up with 5 neat tips for a Kids Room Designs which you can use to give your kid bedroom a nice look, may not turn out to be a wonder land exactly, but surely a room your kid will love to spend time in!

Introduction to Article
Kids Bedroom Design

1. Color Palette : Paint your dreams into the Kids Room

Colorful wall, kids furniture & lot of kids toys
Kids Playroom

Picking up a color palette for your kid’s room is a momentous task and not easy at all and whoever thought overwise probably had to never go through this hurdle.

Pink for girls and blue for boys is the most generic concept and all you parents out there, brace yourselves as we are just about to tell you how to break this ever growing myth.

For starters, never use colours that are too dark as they tend to make the room look grim and can even frighten the kid. Try to give it a light shaded colour combination so that it maintains a bright and positve aura. You can look at colours like lilac, mint green, sage, grey, etc. which are not gender specific and are also trending at the moment.

Hues of Pink for a Kids Bedroom Wall
Color Pallete

You can have a bright accent wall to give the room a bit more character with something that brings out your child’s peronality and something he/ she can relate to.

Blackboard or a Slate Wall in a Kids Bedroom
Slate Wall

Adding texture to the generic colors like a blue or a pink can also give the room a more timelss appeal


All of us as a child, have converted our room walls into a slate and tried to draw away to our heart’s creative content. Therefore, it becomes very imprtant to ensure that the paint is cleanable so that your kid’s masterpiece can be wiped clean. Neverthless, some sort of board can be provided on one wall to accentuate that artistic interest.

2. Flooring: The world at your kids feet!

Kids Playroom with Rubber Flooring
Rubber Flooring

Kids will play on the floor, walk barefoot, fall, rise, eat, sleep and have lots of fun. So, let’s get this absolutely right.

Carpets have been a traditional choice as they look plush while providing safety. However, keeping them clean and dust free is a major task on its own.

Kids Bedroom Flooring with Wooden Flooring, Bed, Storage
Wooden Flooring

Rubber flooring has gained substantial popularity in the last few years as it is a safer alternative to tiles. It provides a softer surface and hence, prevents any scrapes or cuts that the child can endure while they are on their latest mission to check whether they can make the fall from their top bunk bed. The only problem that your kid can face with this flooring is its odor and its feel. Therefore, it is always a wise decision to check with them before getting it installed.

According to us, the best bet while doing your Kids Room Designs is either wooden flooring or laminated wooden flooring. Wooden floorings are relatively softer, and are easy to clean and maintain. They are anti-bacterial as well and come in different shades and colors.

3. Kids Room Furniture: Everyone needs to Sit and Relax

Kids Bedroom with a Small pretty bed, nice wall papers on back wall and a pretty looking storage on the sides
Kids Bed

All of us on numerous accounts have experienced the phases of our kid’s fluctuating obsession with their favorite super hero or cartoon character. Hence, it is a wise and practical decision to not incorporate their ever changing choices in their bedroom furniture. Our advice to you would be to play smart and get furniture which can be used over the years even after your kid grows out of his toy’s phase.

Kids Bed with a multi colored bear bedsheet
Kids Bed

But then, always remember that it is their room at the end of the day and they should have a fair share in its choices. You can have his/her favorite superhero bed sheet so that s/he feels safe when you tuck her/him in at night or have his/her favorite cartoon character beanbag chair.

4. Storage: The Toys need their place too!

Kids Bedroom with stuff toys inside the Basket Storage
Basket Storage

The biggest task while maintaining your kid’s room is ensuring that it is clean and organized and there is enough room for their playing while maintaining a decent storage space for all their toys. Yes, we are well aware that they have an enormous toy collection at their disposal and parting with any broken ones is also too hard to even consider.

Hence, this brings us to one of our most important tips and that is of efficient storage.

Modular Storage picture with trays inside for keeping stuff
Modular Storage

Rather than having shelves where you would need to organize their daily dose of entertainment every evening, it is always clever and pragmatic to have bags or storage boxes where you can just dump all their superheroes once they are done saving the world every night with their help or when they have exhausted all their creative streak after a hard day of coloring.


Tray Storage for keeping toys
Tray Storage

Multi utility furniture is your savior while doing the kids room designs as they serve a dual purpose. A bed with storage drawers or boxes which can double up as seating gives the room enough storage space whilst maintaining the necessary circulation or playing area required.

Wooden Storage Boxes

5. Child Safety: Play it Safe

Child safety is the most crucial point to be kept in mind while doing kids bedroom design. Make sure that all the furniture comes with rounded edges and nothing is sharp enough to cause any harm.

Safety Caps for Sockets
Safety Caps for Sockets

Baby proofing the electrical points is the main concern that almost every parent faces. It is always better to have electrical layout at a height so that in their eagerness they do not have access to poke these points. Products like electrical outlet caps, drawer rubber bands, etc. can always be purchased to provide that further safety.

Good Natural light is important, and at the same time also keep in mind to have the windows and balconies secured.

For more pictures you can visit our kids room design gallery section or our Facebook page. In case you looking to do your kids bedroom design and need a designer, then do call us on 011 41015959 to schedule a free consultation.

Garima Sharma and Semantika Chowdhary from Editorial Team