21 Common Mistakes while getting your Home Designed and Executed

There can be a lot of important things to keep in mind while getting your home designed, and while the design is being executed. However, since home renovation is not everyday’s job of most of the people, there can be some important tips which can help you to save time and labour costs. With our experience of handing over more than 550 projects in Delhi NCR, we bring to you some common mistakes which generally clients do in lack of knowledge.

1. Plywood Thickness

You were promised certain thickness of Ply for your furniture, say 19mm. Carpenter used 12mm ply to cut cost without informing you. Once Carpenter applies laminate on both sides (Decorative laminate on outer side and white laminate on inner side) it becomes difficult to know what thickness of Plywood was used. A very un-ethical carpenter will also promise you certain type of Ply & use low quality ply. Once laminate is applied, you will never know what went inside.

2. Budget for Bathroom Fittings – 3%

Yes! Spend about 3% of your budget in buying Bathroom fittings for one bathroom. This is ap­plicable if you are doing complete renovation. For example if you were spending Rs. 6 Lakhs in renovating 1 BHK, 3% is Rs 18,000. This is approximate figure, if you spend more then be prepared to cut cost somewhere else.

3. Budget for Tiles 5 – 8 %

Don’t ask me why, but here is Golden rule. If you were renovating complete home, your Tiles spending should not be more then 5-8% of total budget. 1 BHK for 5%, 2BHK for 6% and so on. But in no case more than 8%.

4. New Cooking Range might need Electrical point

If you are planning to buy Cooking Range with electrical igniter you will need electrical point. This point is provided inside platform, connect­ed wire gets concealed inside platform. Talk to your contractor if such a provision is needed.

5. Granite Counter Tops are the best

Corian surface is new trend in making Kitchen Platform counter Top. Don’t do that. We Indians use lot of spices & juices which will do damage to this surface. Also you cannot keep hot vessel directly on this surface. Granite tops are the best. Buy Granite top that matches your Home interior & simply use it for your Kitchen platform top.

6. Marine Ply in Kitchen & Bathroom

Plywood inside any area of your home that gets wet frequently should be Marine. Marine Ply is costlier then commercial Ply. However they will last long compared to all other types of Ply. There are some high grade of Commercial Ply available in market that claim to be good for Kitchen area, however if your budget permits simply go for Marine Ply.

7. First break Wall then floor

In case your building has leakage problems and you are renovating complete home. Do not break flooring first. Break wall plaster, get work done and after that break flooring. This way if at all there is leakage in the slab, your floor will be exposed to Water, only for minimum period.

8. Buy Extra box of Tiles

You bought tiles for flooring and then for some reason you need few more of them. I can give Guaranty that same design & colour will NOT be available in the shop. Tiles are manufactured in batch & distribut­ed across market. Once the stock is over, new batch of tiles become available. Always advisable to buy extra tiles to balance out unexpected wastage.

9. Grill Bars

Square or rectangular: If you are getting new Grill for your balcony or window. Check if you can get Square bars. Because of angles they are more physically stronger then round cylindrical bars. Whole purpose of getting Grills is safety, square bars will make it more safer. It is easier to bend cylindrical bar compared to square bar.

10. Wall Hung Toilets take less space

Wall hung Commodes are usually design to stick close to wall. In addition if you have flush system (cistern) hidden inside wall, it makes your bathroom/toilet look more neat & spa­cious. The area near the base of the commode can also be cleaned easily in case of wall hung ones.

11. Bathroom Flooring

Mat finish: Choose Mat finish Tiles for your bathroom floor. Glossy tiles are prone to skidding once wet. There are anti-skid tiles available in market and they come costly. However if budget doesn’t permit, even Mat finish tiles are good enough for the purpose.

12. Gas Pipeline Provision

People renovate Home not very often. May be once you renovate, you will not wish to redo things for next 10-15 years. if your city or town already has some are connected with Gas pipeline, chances are your building will also get gas pipeline connection in future. Talk to your Contractor and find out if he can make provision for Gas Pipeline, even though you are using gas Cylinder today.

13. Wall Tiles for Kitchen

It is good idea to have wall tiles in Kitchen, spe­cially near Kitchen Platform. Indian food usually consists of oils & masalas. If you have tiles on wall, it becomes easy to clean the wall. Also painted wall will not stay good.

14. Door & Window Frames in Granite

We always had Wooden frames for Doors and windows. However over period of time good quality wood has become rear and costly. Granite Frames are best and very popular al­ternatives. They are firm and stay longer then wooden frames. Specially with Windows that have Aluminum Sliding, it becomes necessary that your fames stay rigid and in correct posi­tion. Granite & marble frames do this job very well.

15. Wallpapers for Wall with Leakage

Wallpapers are absolute NO NO on the walls where there’s a leakage problem. Wallpaper will start peeling and it may turn pale. First get Leakage repaired. Before Wall paper is applied a coat of primer needs to be applied on the wall, this kind of protects wall paper from any minor moisture coming out of Wall. But of course this doesn’t solve water seepage problem.

16. LED lights to focus lights in corners as required

A living room can have false ceiling with LED lights fixed. It could have Led Light in 4 differ­ent corner or it could have 6 LED lights for more light. The good part about LED light arrangement is, they consume less power and you can switch lights only where it is required. For example a corner of Room where you are enjoying Coffee at night, you can switch on light for just that corner. This way these lights allow you to control amount of light inside room and create differ­ent atmosphere. Also, please remember to discuss about the number of driver/adapters required for the lights.

17. Tube light is Important

Although you have planned to use LED lights in 4 corners of your room, it is nice to have a tube Light. Idea is when you want complete room to be brighten, you just switch on tube light. One tube light is sufficient to brighten up whole room. Believe me over period of time, you will use tube-light more often than LEDs.

18. Bathroom fittings

Always pick up the product in hand and feel its weight. If one is heavy and other is light (of same style), opt for heavy faucet. A good quali­ty faucet will weigh more than low quality fau­cet. Do not forget to ask for warranty card. While buying bathroom fittings, try buying set of fittings or similar style fittings to enhance your bathroom interiors.

19. Jali (Net) on Kitchen Shutter for Onion Potato basket

Yes punch me in face if you think this is such a silly point. But I have seen so many Kitchens where this is not done. And then after few months Home Owner realises, calls up carpen­ter to cut a small piece in shutter and fix a Jali inside. This happens all the time, so discuss the point with your Contractor in beginning.

20. Anti Rust Epoxy Chemical on Grills

Before you Paint your Grill, ask Contractor to ap­ply “Anti Rust Epoxy”. Once this is applied, you can paint the grill. This will avoid rusting of grill made of MS ( Mild Steel). Anti-Rust treatment needs to be done once in 4-5 years. However you can paint & repaint grill every year. There is no need to do Anti-Rust epoxy every-time. If you only apply Paint, chances are that at some spot paint will get scratched off, it will start rusting. However if you have applied “An­tiRust Epoxy”, it will take care of such damage.

21. Last Payment

We allow holding of last pay­ment for 1-2 weeks. Last payment could be anywhere from 3-5%. Last Payment is released once Home is handed over to owner. Home owner starts living inside home & then after 1-2 weeks payment is released.

These were some important points to be pondered upon while getting your home designed and during the execution of design. Make a list of all the do’s and don’ts you are particular about in the living room and we are sure Marks Dzyn can help you emerge as a winner. Please do call up at +91 85954 62129 or visit our website www.marksdzyn.com and our interior designers will be only too glad to help you. We specialize in all kinds of interior solutions including designing, execution of civil works, modular and customized furniture.