Tired of those mainstream light colored walls? We have just the right scoop of information for you! Following are the latest wall trends and patterns that you need to know which will make your room standout.

1. Color Blocking

Color blocking is officially the most trending idea in the market right now and hence, it is first on our list as well. Highly easy to execute and maintain, you can create geometric patterns on your walls using different colors or just color block with your furniture and give any part of your house a new and unique character with this latest trend. Color blocking is extremely easy to implement and depending on your choice of color palette and patterns, you can either give your room a sophisticated or a quirky character.

Walls with different colors

2. Brick Wall

Brick wall is another trend that has been making raves. You can see this trend everywhere, be it a lounge, restaurant, living room or someone’s bedroom. Even our celebrities have taken a massive liking to it. In the first picture above you can see Alia Bhatt installing a brick finished wall tile in her new house as it gives a cleaner look and is less time consuming. You can also go for a brick wall with paint just like Parineeti Chopra has, to have that one feature wall in her house.

Girl pasting brick wall

3. Marmorino Finish

Looking to give your back porch a new highlight wall? Go for the latest Marmorino Finish, which has been around since the Roman Empire but has been doing the rounds again in the latest trends. This finish has lately started being used in the living room area as well as it provides the right rustic and chic look to any room. Made from crushed marble and lime putty, you can even tint this plaster to give it various shades in order to match your color palette.

Outsoor wall with paint finish of marmorino

4. Beading

More or less, this is one of our most favorite wall trends this year! It is also one of the easiest design styles that you can have incorporated in any corner of your house and we are sure that it will provide the space with a new and unique character. You can have straight, linear patterns made out of it, or if you are feeling brave, then you can even venture in with some geometric ones, but we are sure, that it will light up any room in your house.

Wooden mouldings on wall with study table

5. Copper Strips

Feeling bored with your plain, old walls in your house? Add elegance and class to it, by just infusing some copper strips. You can have various patterns made out of it and it can be an excellent candidate for your feature wall!

Copper Strips on Cement Finish Walls with Sofa in Front

6. Textured Wall

Textured wall is a wall style that has been around since years and something that is still going strong. One of the easiest trends that you can have executed in your house, it acts as an excellent accent wall which you can have anywhere, from your living room, to your bedroom, or dining area. The picture above is a beautifully done textured wall from Asian Paints. One of the best qualities of this style is that it is so easy to do that you can even achieve textures on the wall on your own!

Blue texture walls with Sofa and Study Table

7. Wooden Wall Panelling

Wood is a material that can never go out of fashion! Break the stigma that it can only be used for furniture and venture into the stylish world of wooden wall paneling! You can have simple wooden wall panels on your walls or you can have them in geometric patterns as well. The picture above depicts the elegant bas relief cube pattern which is the new trending wall pattern at the moment.

Bas Relief Cube on Wall with Bed in Front

8. Collage

Want to convert your house to a home? Give it that homely vibe with some memoirs or pictures with your family! You can even have photos of your idol, postcards from different countries you have been to or simply cover of your favorite movies on the wall just like Kangana Ranaut has in her Mumbai apartment as they give a personal touch to it.

Kangana Ranaut Actress standing in front of a collage of pictures

9. Empty Frames

Empty frames are a great alternative to decorating a plain, old wall. You can have frames in different shapes and sizes put up on your wall as they give it a unique character to your room in a very economical way as well!

Empty Moulding Frames on Wall with a console in front

10. Concrete

Concrete just used as a building material? Definitely not! The rustic feel that a concrete wall provides is such a fresh approach to the wall trend. You can have patterns inscribed on it to make it more interesting. Highly easy to pair up with any color and style, this look should surely be on your wall design list!

Concrete textured walls with ledge in front

11. Tiled Wall

Using tiles for only your bathroom and kitchen backsplash is passé! Use them to bring uniqueness to other parts of your house as well. Using patterned tiles for your living room and corridor are great ideas. There installation and maintenance is extremely easy as well!

Tle pattern on walls with sofa in front

12. Geometric Patterns

Don’t like Math? No problem! It will finally come in handy. That is on your walls! Geometric patterns on walls have been all the rage this year. You can have them painted, in the form of tiles, wooden panels, and in various other forms! They are so unconventional and eccentric that they will surely give your room a new eminence.

Goemtric Pattern on Walls with Console in front

13. Murals

Every house tells a story. Turn your walls into a canvas and portray your favorite story just like Irfaan Khan has in his Mumbai home. Not only do they look good but also give your house a homely vibe. In case you have an artistic nerve in your body, you can achieve this task on your own as well without the help of any artist!

Murals at the residence of actor irfan khan

14. Mirrors

Mirrors are a great way to accessorize any wall. They come in differentiated frames, colors, and sizes and are extremely easy to pair up anywhere. However, our favorite quality of a mirror is its ability to make any room look bigger and of course let’s not forget how this trendy wall trend adds detail, decoration and function to your room.

Mirrors on the wall with lighting

15. Paint

Using nice wall paint surpasses everything else in the domain of wall designs and can never go out of trend. However, for this you need to be in tune with the latest trending wall colors. The wall colors that have bringing in a change this year are dusty rose and greige. Dusty rose is such a sophisticated and pleasing color that it can be a part of any room in your house. Greige is another color that can be used on walls for a classy and elegant look.
In case you want to gain a deeper insight on trending colors then you can also check out our article on latest home trend.

Trending Paint Color

16. Stone Walls

The sort of royalty and regality that a stone wall provides to any room is unparallel! You can have plain stone slabs on your walls or if you are a fan of stone carvings then you can even have that in your living room.

Relief Work on Stone wall with sofa in front

These 16 wall trends and patterns are blowing the market away. Who doesn’t want the latest trends to sparkle up their homes and we’re here to just to do that! Contact us at: www.marksdzyn.com or you can give us a call at 011-4101 5959.

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Semantika Chowdhary and Garima Sharma from Marksdzyn.com Editorial Team