How It Works

We work within any budget, big or small. You can start with a room or a kitchen, a wardrobe or
a toilet, a vanity cupboard or the full interiors.

4 Simple Steps

Meet the Designer

Schedule a meeting with our Interior Designer and finalize a Design Package.

Co-create and finalize Design

Receive personalized Design Options, give feedback and Co-create your Space.

Review and Order the Construction

Transparent & Detailed Price Quotations. Review Budgets with your Relationship Manager.

Construction and Delivery

Receive work schedule and constant updates. Get superior quality and timely delivery


Dedicated Design Manager

A dedicated design manager ensures that all aspects of design and construction are well explained and your project is delivered efficiently.

Efficient & Transparent Pricing

Design Solutions are offered at a low flat Fee. Construction pricing is item based wherein each work item is listed, described, with material specifications and standardized rates.

End-to-End Project Delivery

From Interior Design to Construction, Modular Kitchens & Wardrobes to Furniture, Experience all services at a single window.

Strong Experience

Marks Dzyn has delivered more than 400 interior projects. We understand the importance of sticking to a budget,and we strive to give the best quality.

Choose Any Service

We provide all services on standalone basis as well. For Example: You can choose Marks DZYN for only Design
or only for Construct and so on. Our Services are planned to make your interior journey simple and creative.


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