Last summer, Marks Dzyn was pleased to do an interesting project for an ebullient family of four, the Malhotras. They own a warm cozy apartment in the bustling colony of Vasant Kunj which needed to be given a contemporary style as well infused with some ethnic elements. Our professional team of Interior Designers in Delhi worked in symphony with the clients to provide quite a reaffirming answer to their requirements ranging from rigorous space planning to designing and construction. Our project manager worked with clients to conceive, plan and execute innovative design concepts to reality. We tried to make design and functionality walk hand in hand effortlessly through the home much to the satisfaction of our dear clients. The Malhotras emphasized on looking for a contemporary living room, a cozy reading corner and a complete revamp of their children’s room.

Our clients wanted a very subtle interior. Our interior designer team suggested an accent wall with POP grooving on it keeping all the walls off-white. To add color to the living room, we designed bright colored upholstery with printed cushions and geometrically printed accent chairs. The latter brought in some sparkle some glamour.

A cozy reading corner was also given as an extension to the living room with a hanging two seater swing. Two cozy lounging chairs with an ethnic center table lent a traditional touch to this contemporary setup. A partition was created by having rustic printed tiles in the reading corner. Our interior designers looked into minor details like ambient lighting and adding indoor plants to the living room to give it a sort of a character.

The children’s room was given different features altogether with a colorful wooden flooring which is actually the highlight of the room. A rustic wooden back bench is the first thing one would notice as we enter the room. Notice how our interior designers shaped the ceiling in a ‘c’ curve. The circular distribution of light makes it look so vibrant and attractive.

These were some of the striking features of this apartment. We were happy with the end result and so were the Malhotras.
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